If you were to be someone on steemit for a day, who will be that person?

@bernisander maybe, I like the ideals he has on the platform, he criticizes a lot of things on the platform, and that's a positive thing for me to see the development of the platform going forward. Even though some people do not like it, but it is a natural in a dynamic.

The war between whales has happened, and I listened to it, sometimes we can only read, and try to find out what is happening, at first I was confused when @bernisander dropped to a minus level, but his spirit of idealism proved, his ranking is back again. I like what @bernisander criticizes for the good of the platform, although most of the people don't like his radical attitude. If I am asked who I want to be, @bernisander is very reasonable as one of the ideals of inspiration in My idols want to be.


I don't know why I like this question, it looks quite interesting anyway. I'd be @thejohalfiles, he's by far one of the kindest whales on the platform. There are actually only a few number of whales that own over a million SP, and he happens be among. Perhaps, I might even imagine being him for more than a day.

I'd be Johal for several reasons. Normally, witnesses are the ones that care about the growth of the platform. But some of these witnesses don't do anything to help the platform's growth. It seems as if some of the top witnesses only care about their desires, if not they'll give more attention to the blockchain users.

Johal is quite different. Although not a witness, he's an investor that cares about steem users. I've chatted with him a few times, he always tries to be helpful. I've seen quite a number of projects and individuals he has supported. He always tries the best.

I'm sure you know of Stach Hub by @ejemai, wouldn't have been possible without Ejemai. He's supported even @sndbox and some other creatives on the platform. Before the trending page on Steemit became dominated by bid bot users, Johal was one who curates Steemit's trending page. He tries to help get traction for new projects by getting them to the trending page.

I'd want to be him for a few days to see the number of creatives I'd be able to help.