Which investment is safer ... top crypto currency like bitcoin or stocks of company like Facebook or Amazon??

Right now the logical answer would be the top crypto currencies since there is still much growth in the niche, in fact the niche even hasn’t become mainstream yet. Mainstream or received full regulatory approval. Yet, it seems more and more countries are opening up to it and will seemingly take a holistic approach to cryptocurrencies.

The stock market, from the other hand, has been growing for a long time and it will become always more difficult for companies like AMZN, , and also FB to keep growing. There comes a point where the main markets are saturated and there is only very little room for expansion anymore. Other than aggressive expansion via innovation or aggressive M&A (merger and acquisition) strategies as we know them from AMZN and also the main corporation like P&G and UniLever. It is true that there are still many available emerging markets for those brands but the emerging markets often don’t have the disposable income, or favorable tax climate, yet required for those brands to enter aggressively and make it worthwhile their expenditure in infrastructure, logistics, and of course also personnel.

Lastly, signs coming from China have been less optimistic and there’s the danger of a massive trade war. While China has started its massive new “Silk Road” project, it also relies heavily on investing in countries by making them indebted, which can massively backfire.

TL;DR: while it is possible that Bitcoin could hit $25k in a rather near future, it is highly unlike that in the same few years the major companies will also grow almost 4x on the stock market.

Yet... don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.


I think stocks are in general much safer then coins, as they have real companies creating products and services and are earning "real money" for doing that. 


I think it will depend on timing. I think we will see a teter totter effect. When the traditional stock market is going up crypto will go down. when the stock mrket goes down the  money will flow into the crypto markets and so on and so forth. That way you will always have a buy low sell high option.