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What was the main reason that DLive has left Steem and joined Lino blockchain?

All we know pretty much surely shows that they planned this all along. DLive never intended to stay on steem, but just wanted to test their software around here, and make some money here as well, so they planned to go to Lino all along. Sadly that's the case.


The Lino blockchain is co-founded by someone who is a very good friend of the DLive founder. So it was a plan from the ground zero , to dump steem and go on their own blockchain. Unfortunately, that was not revealed or discovered, till they really dumped it, they enjoyed the nice delegation from Steemit Inc and then utilized and earned and took away all the money. 

It will be not easy for them to get upto the same user base, that they achieved here in a very short period of time. And they may all together fail as well :)