Question asked 3 years ago
What can i do with parents that are over protective?

1. Figure out what their concerns are first before you make your own conclusions. Your parents have their own sets of experiences on multiple subject matters. That's their advantage. Unlike you who has the luxury of committing a mistake first before learning, your parents might have lived through the mistake and not want you repeat it. 

2. Do the things that could make them put some confidence in you. They don't allow you to do stuff because you may have shown them qualities of you being unprepared to handle it. Being the responsible child has it's merits. Sometimes, it's about banking on good reputation that you know how to take care of yourself that most requests can be granted. 

3. Rationalize that what you are about to ask from them will bring in rewards for your growth. If you want to go hiking with friends for a club activity, or school project, that would be more appealing to hear than asking for a night out in a club with friends. Frame what you are about to ask with something that would make them proud of you. 

4. It's your tone. Most requests could've been granted if only the one asking spoke the words with due courtesy. Sometimes you have to spend time practicing how to be nice when delivering the speech for it to be pleasing with the ears.