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What is Musing, you ask?
Decentralized Communities
Where Bitcoin decentralizes currency, Musing decentralizes communities. Built on Avalanche, Musing stores users' content on-chain, while giving every community its own token that users can invest in and be rewarded with. Users can be a part of the growth of the communities they join and they get to own the content that they create, fully.
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Each community has its own token that users can earn when they create content and help them grow. Communities can decide how they want to distribute rewards with our flexible reward system. They can also opt-in for automatic distribution where frontends to our protocol (like this website) can reward based on views and upvotes.
Decentralized Communities
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Mint a Token for your own Community
With just a few clicks, you can create a token for your own community. You just set fields like the ticker symbol, total supply, and reward distribution rate and we do the rest. You can think of Musing as a combination of a social app, DAO platform, and DEX all in one.
Trade Community Tokens
We provide users with a market to swap AVAX for any community token on Musing. Tokens are purchased from our smart contracts using an implementation of a bonding curve. No liquidity is needed because when you purchase community tokens, they get minted from the smart contract and the price per token gets adjusted automatically.
Web 2 & 3 Communities
The Problem
Communities on the internet have not even begun to reach their true potential. Think back to civilization before democracy and before the invention of currency. Now consider what these things could do for groups of people on the internet. The possibilities are limitless.
Avalanche Testnet
Musing is now live on the Avalanche testnet, and community tokens that users create are real erc-20 tokens that you can earn.
Frequently asked questions
Everything you need to know about Musing
What is Musing?
Musing is a decentralized communities platform where you can mine tokens by creating content. Just as Bitcoin decentralized virtual currency, our mission is to decentralize virtual communities. In doing this, we give ownership of the content to the user and bring the power of finance to the virtual world. Ultimately, this enables a greater potential for sharing information on the internet.

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Where do tokens come from when someone gets rewarded?

Is Musing on a testnet or mainnet?
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