What is Musing?
Musing is a decentralized question and answer platform where you can mine tokens by creating content. Just as Bitcoin decentralized virtual currency, our mission is to decentralize virtual knowledge. In doing this, we free ourselves from the risks of centralized control, giving ownership of the content to the user and making knowledge itself more reliable. This ultimately creates a greater potential for sharing information on the internet.
Musing is being built to run on Ethereum long-term where users will be able to earn our ERC-20 as rewards. Currently however, Musing runs on its own blockchain, and every piece of content that gets created is stored on this blockchain. When other users upvote your content, whether it is a question or an answer, your content mines tokens and is thus rewarded with an amount of tokens from the blockchain. This means that users don't need to send eachother tokens to reward them. The more tokens a user owns, the more tokens you will earn when he upvotes your post. We also enable users to post links, such as news articles, blog posts, or videos. One of our main goals is to create the most vibrant community for any information related to blockchain, crypto, DeFi, and more.