Question asked 2 years ago
Has anyone ever received an email directing u to claim winnings in large amounts from the Gmail award?

Oh my God it happens to me almost all the Time.

Let me tell you the first Time it happened to me and how I was almost duped and scammed by them.

So I received a call from a Guy who claimed to be a Coca Cola Employee and wanted to relay the information that I have won 1 Million Pound in their Lucky Draw which is held annually. Now at that moment I just turned 18 and 1 Million pound sounded delicious to me so I entertained him a lot and gave him some of my details like my email ID and which state I lived in. Next thing I know they were asking me for some money as they had to pay the customs officer at the Airport for Customs and since the Money they brought for me was sealed so I have to pay for the customs.

Thankfully I was just 18 and didn't have such amount at hand. I asked my Dad for the Money and told him why I needed it and he immediately educated me on the World of Scams.

That was a Close Call for me.