Question asked 3 years ago
How many comments do you get per post? Compared with the number of active users you follow, would you say your content is of any impact?

I think on an average post, I probably get about 10 comments.  Compared to the number of users I follow and the number of users that are following me, that is probably pretty sad.  It is hard to grow a following, especially right now with the price of STEEM being so low.

Many people have decided to not be as active on the platform or they have given up on it all together.  

The content that I am putting out there may not be of impact to as many people as I wish it would, but it is absolutely of impact to me.

I don't just write for my followers, I write for myself as well.  Sometimes it can be therapeutic to tell a story or to get my opinion out there.  

I wish I got a ton more comments.  I wish that 80% of my time on the platform was spent replying to comments from people that are following my stuff.  That would mean I am really doing something right and I probably have enough followers to be making a pretty decent amount per post. 

Until then, I am just going to keep plugging away and doing what I do so that I can try to make an impact and be ready for when the prices do go back up.