Question asked 2 years ago
If you had 10,000 dollars to invest in just one crypto and hold it for five years which would it be and why?

That is the best question I have seen today as I need to put no thought into it lol.

I would purchase Steem as we all know it is the only crypto that you can make profits and grow your investment by working on the Steem blockchain.

I am surprised that there aren't thousands more on here trying to increase their investments. If you purchased 10 000 Dollars worth of Steem (12 000 Steem roughly) today and it is near the bottom , so it is perfect to buy anyway. You would have a vote value of around 60 c per vote and if you pit that to work over 5 years I reckon with no trading i could increase that investment by 400% in number of Steem coins and that is without it even going up in value.

With the arrival of the SMT's in March what will happen to Steem? No one knows for sure but it will be scarcer to get hold of as all the SMT's are backed against Steem. 

If Steem was to be valued at $10 in 5 years and you had grown your original investment to 48 000 Steem coins you would be close to half a million dollars in value from a $10 000 original investment.

Steem is so undervalued that $10 in 5 years time would be very disappointing and feel like a failure to most of the people on here. That in my eyes is a good investment and very much doable.