Question asked 2 years ago
Is it possible to go through the entirety of life without ever being depressed -- even just once?

Well I think it's possible, but you'd have to look at alot of very specific scenarios. For example, if you die young, maybe as a kid then it's possible that you never experienced depression.

If for instance you happened to have some sort of neural impairment like down syndrome or something that prevents you from actually functioning properly then maybe you could go through life without being depressed because your brain might not be able to process such a complex emotion, at least not how normal people do.

In the real sense of things, I don't think it's possible for a normal human being who lives up to a ripe old age and doesn't have any neural impairment to go through life without getting depressed at least once. Depression is a part of life itself, it's something that we all have to go through and learn from so it's unavoidable.

Moreover in this time and age where social media has made people literally hate themselves for being less or not being up to standard or not being able to keep up with the trends etc, it's unfathomable that a person would be able to go through life without experiencing depression.

I hope this helps.