Question asked 3 years ago
Will you have relatives staying in your house or you'd prefer they only come around to visit?

Considering I'm typing this from a homeless shelter while having plenty of family members that could provide me shelter, probably not..

I have pretty strong morals regarding family values, and what kind of role should be applied when another family member is in need.

Sometimes, our values don't align with our immediate family's values, and people will never learn where they have gone wrong if you enable them. 

I could add some pretty lengthy commentary here, that would likely blow some people's minds regarding family values and how disconnected many are these days with family values, but it serves no purpose to the answer really. 

It would be extremely painful (for me) to close the door on a family member in need, but I've had to deal with chronic issues in my life with no help, and this has been painful to the point of needing to seek therapy because of dealing with abandonment issues. I would have no respect for myself if I let them in. Sometimes family is a detriment to moving forward, because they don't behave in a way that meets your expectations, or align's with your values, and in cases like this, letting them stay with you would be foolish.

Today I realize, having cold hearted family that could care less if their loved one is cold and starving under a bridge, has actually been the best thing that ever happened to me, because it opened my eye's to wisdom I would have never obtained, any other way. 

Under normal circumstances, I think it would be kind of messed up to leave a family member in a state of need when you can help. The psychological detriment to them, could be disastrous , and of course, the tables could always turn one day, and you may be the one in need of their help. It's important to assess how the decisions we make today, could potentially affect us in the future.