Question asked 2 years ago
How do you feel about women coaching male football teams?

I won't be biased about this because I am a guy. I think there are some activities a woman may know how to do best more than some men. Everyone knows that football is for men because we are a lover of football when it comes watching football and playing football even most women know every men for this habit 😊.

But what if a woman is the only one capable of teaching in a league of non knowledgeable men, should we say she shouldn't teach men because she is a woman? This also applies to football. There are some few women who are experienced footballers for their love and passion for football which makes them the best in it when compared to some guys.

I think if a woman is fit and she is in the best position for coaching when compared to some men, let her coach the team and don't let us be hypocritical or skeptical about giving the post or position to a man who knows nothing about football and ignoring an experienced female footballer just because she is a woman.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.