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What Are The Core Beliefs of The Jehovah's Witnesses : How Are They Different From Other Mainstream Christian Sects?

Jehovah witnesses have so many core beliefs that are very different from other christain denominations.

Jehovah witnesses started more than hundred years ago in America and they have grown to be in every part of the world.

Am gonna list out some of their core beliefs;

Firstly, they don't believe in the Trinity, that's God the Father, God the son and God the holy ghost.

They also don't believe in miracles, that is the supernatural.

They don't believe in speaking in tongues.

They don't eat Dead meat.

They don't believe in hell fire or going to heaven after death.

Jehovah witnesses are very different from other christain denominations in many ways;

They don't sing and worship like other christains do.

They don't also pray like other believers do.

They don't preach about Jesus Christ like other believers do rather they talk more about Jehovah and paradise.

They forbid blood transfusion but other denominations don't.

They also forbid celebration of Christmas and birthday too.

There are so many things in which they are different from other christain denominations but just to mention a few of them.