Question asked 2 years ago
Many have preached the importance of decentralization, but are there any negatives? When compared to its benefits which outweighs the other?

Yes, i think there are negatives to decentralization as much as there are negatives to centralisation as well, the reason why people are clamouring for decentralization it's because decentralization support singular initiative it promotes agendas and idea and also gives opportunity to people all communities to be able to develop their own initiative and run it themselves, the system of government we practice these days are definitely decentralized it is not just the blockchain all the new initiatives that are being born these days, i think decentralization started with the system of government practised by most countries I was later extended to businesses as well then blockchain development too.

One of the disadvantages of decentralization is that there may be no law and order since there is no single central authority that can curtail the excesses of people , curtail their contents their manner of speech , their control over other people basically decentralization allows for class that is they will be the rich the average and the poor and why the rich keep getting richer the poor may keep getting poorer that is there will be uniformed development, people will act out of place in a decentralized platform because everybody has a say and everyone determines the progress of a decentralised system.

Basically decentralization do not allow for censorship that is there's no limit for the whines and caprices of people, even if I do agree that decentralization brings initiative I definitely think too much initiative and too much business prospect of freedom can cause anarchy in the long run I mean anarchy in the way the rich will control the actions of the poor since there is lose or no government that controls at the top. I think the benefits of decentralization however outweighs the negativity in my opinion so I will definitely take the negativity is that comes with it because in the long run I think some lasting solution might be procured