Question asked 2 years ago
Is gambling an addictive act?

Yes of course. Gambling can be very addictive.

I kinda feel there is a spirit behind gambling.

I know a man who was poor, had nothing and played a bet, hit a jackpot and won a huge symbol money.

Everything turned around for him and I was beginning to think gambling was a good idea.

He bought a new house, a big car and everything was going fine for him.

He got his wife a shop and stocked the shop with goods. This was a huge turnaround for his family and everything seemed to be going on fine.

He went back to playing bet and started losing. He continued playing, instead of him to have stopped while he had gotten so much gain.

He kept losing but continued playing and in 4 months, he had sold all the things he initially had and used the money to continue playing bet.