they are lot of things in which we should never start. we should not even think of doing them because they can be offensives and illegal and this things can hinder the growth of someone or an individual. they are

1. smoking; smoking should not be started because it is very addictive and it damages the body system. smoking affects the lungs which could lead to early grave . so detest and never start smoking

2. doing drugs; usage of drugs have made many people filled with potentials to be useless and rendered unfit to live in the community. drugs are bad news for the world and we should have curb it out. drugs like cocaine and crack are examples. it makes the user life useless and leads to waste of talent and it is very addictive.

3. drinking alcohol;  taking alcohol is bad, it give bad mouth and body odour once u become a drunkard. taking alcohol makes you loose track of time and you spend the rest of the day suffering from hangovers. this leads to absolutely achieving nothing in a life time. 

4. lying; lying is bad and it not advisable to start it, because immediately you tell a lie , lets say a small lie, you will need a bigger lie to cover the small lie, and lies do not last forever and it wont win you good friends . so be always truthful and the truth will set you free

5. do not live a fake lifestyle; living a life in which you have to lie and manipulate people just to appear as something you are not wont make you go far in life and it will be very tough for you be helped or elevated in life because people will assume that you have already made it in life and wont wanna render you any assistance. 

6. gambling ; gambling is bad and should not even be started. gambling is addictive and you can lost more than you bargained for.  gambling could potentially make your life a living hell in which life will appear miserable to you and you may end up suing the rest of your life paying debt of things you did not even enjoy their services.    

7. in general, you should not start something you can not finish. always set your goals to always making sure that whenever you start something, you wanna achieve this and this at the completion of the project or work and never get distracted because starting something and not finishing it wont take you anywhere. the society or the world at large only recognize people who gets to the finish line , not people who stops on the road. 


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