Question asked 2 years ago
Which is your favourite board game? What makes it interesting for you?


I think this is the best game ever made. It is something that is somewhat related to real life in a way. The good thing about monopoly is that is has many versions that are made. Then it's the first board game that let's us handle money. Even though the money is fake, but well it let's us know how important money is.

The part of the board that is very memorable are the utilities and the train stations. Those are really important,. Conquer them and you win. Then there would be the last person who has alot of hotels on their own land and those other players who land on their land has to pay a hefty rent fee. It relates somewhat to real life in a way. Imagine that one day, we own these lots of hotels and properties. Those who use the properties.

I also have scrabble, but I am not sure how to play. Hahaha. The other type of board game that I like to play is chess. This is a game of ego. Those who can win usually can brag about their strategy.

Sadly, nowadays many of the board games are less played and everyone prefers to be in a one man show rather than in board games or team work related games.