Question asked 3 years ago
If you had to live a week without internet, what will you do to keep yourself busy?

First thing I'll realize is that the internet isn't all bad. And I'll absolutely absolutely definitely miss my friends. Especially my folks here on steemit. Also the internet is pretty much my workspace and I consider myself a bonafide netizen--i.e a legitimate citizen of the internet. So my mind is also going to linger on the fact that every moment I spend away from the internet are moments I could be either on steemit or on fiverr or musing or amazon, doing something productive with my time.

But let's say something really important came up or for my health a doctor probably prescribed staying off the internet, then these are some of the things i reckon I'd be doing with my spare time:

--Reading, Because I love it and I can't do without it and even while I'm on the internet I'm doing a lot of it anyway so. That definitely tops the list and I can do this all week long.

--writing, Because I also love it and I just always feel a certain kind of accomplishment anytime I look back on the day and find that I've gotten something reasonable written down.

Also Like I said I love reading so much and I always find that when I read about something that really resonates with me i find myself always with an irresistible urge tho write something down afterwards.

--chilling with loved ones, because this is one of the joys of life and if there's something I can say the internet serve as a detriment to my enjoying, it would be this. It would probably because i have so much loved ones on the internet too.

At any rate there are a lot of people I love in real life whom I've been unable to really spend quality time with and if I ever spend a whole week off the www then I'd definitely be spending some time with them.

--playing basketball, because I love it and I miss it so much. Sadly at the moment I barely have time for it. Taking a week off the internet, however, i dont see anything stopping me from spending my evenings in the court.

--sleeping, because this is one of the subtle and underestimated pleasures of life. Sleeping so fun and I've been having littler of these nowadays. Without the internet though I'm fairly certain I'll have a lot more of it.

--Watching Netflix. Oh wait this is on the internet haha.

--Thinking of the Internet. To be honest I'll probably spend a lot of time doing this because if i hadn't made it clear earlier I LOVE the internet.

Yes it has its vices and its troll and it can be a distraction from real life and allow one to miss out on some great things in life. But it definitely has its own numerous advantages!

It's an hive if activity where you have billions of people all congragating in the same location exchanging ideas and relating in ways that might not be possible in real life--all in the comforts of your room!

So yes I'll definitely miss our sweet old internet, but thanks to the activities I mentioned above I think I'll very well survive. Who knows, thanks to this question I may just choose to embark on the cleanse.