My plan as steem goes down is to keep going hope and never lose faith. Both are hard. But I think the former is harder. Keeping faith is relatively easier. I believe steem and blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a whole has a vital role to play in the future of humanity. And as long as that stands, there will always be value to what we do.

To keep going strong, however, is much harder. I've always believed that even if steem were to be worth only 10 cents I would still be one of the very active ones on this blockchain. I still believe this to an extent, but I've also found it to be very hard; much harder than I thought.

Either way I'm planning very much to find something to spark my creative juices into action and keep being as active as I was before the dismal downtrend of the markets.

First I'll have to make sure my blog is up to date. I had never been really good at blogging on steemit in the first place. And this is mainly because of the shitty reward system. And now I see this bear market as a remarkable opportunity. Here's why:

Normally when I put up a blog that I feel is good I feel extremely discouraged when it doesn't get as much recognition from the community as I'd hoped. But now with steem as it is, I can finally put up blog without any expectations in terms of reward.

Meaning I'm free to do what I want to do only because I love and want to do it. So I plan to just write about the things I go through everyday, take photos and share them and enjoy the experience.

And then of course, Musing! Just cause I've grown really fond of this platform. I had a lot of support from musing. And that recognition I talked about never getting on my blog from steemit? Well I got it from musing. And these made me really love the platform. Now even though all rewards are shit, I can't bear to leave! I love em too much.

And then of course as steem.goeth down i still planneth to earneth moresteem! Like I said I still very much believe in steem and blockchain. I believe in what we're doing here. I believe in the vision. I believe steem will grow and make us all millionaires. And what better way to show that belief and show that we deserve it than to continue to get more steem even now that it's worth cents.

I plan to build my steem power tangibly during this bear market. This is an opportunity that I feel anyone should take. In fact we're lucky in fact to be here to witness this bear and have the opportunity to make steem this way. I'm surprised a lot more people aren't here taking advantage of It!

So there you have it, my plans as steem keeps falling down like a depressed heart.

Cheers and have a nice day!