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What is Musing?
Musing is a platform that merges the concepts of online communities with decentralized finance (DeFi). It allows users to create and participate in tokenized communities, where engagement and contributions are rewarded with community-specific tokens. These tokens represent a stake in the community and can be used for various purposes within the community's ecosystem. Unlike traditional online forums, Musing empowers users with financial incentives and ownership over their content, enhancing the value and interaction within each community.
What blockchain does Musing use?
Musing runs on Avalanche. The community tokens that users earn today have real value and are backed by AVAX.
How can I purchase community tokens?
You can visit our market page where you can see a list of all community tokens.
How do I earn tokens today?
You earn tokens on Musing either by creating great content or by helping a community grow in some other way. The moderators of the community can view stats on top contributors and set weekly rewards for these users. Or they can opt-in for automatic distribution where our website distributes tokens automatically to you if you generate views and upvotes on your posts.
Where do tokens come from when someone gets rewarded?
Each community token comes built with a reward pool that is set by the token creator. This reward pool releases tokens every day and allows community members to claim them within their profile page.
Is Musing on a testnet or mainnet?
Musing is currently on the Avalanche mainnet.