What is Musing?
Musing is a decentralized question and answer platform where you can mine tokens by creating content. Just as Bitcoin decentralized virtual currency, our mission is to decentralize virtual knowledge. In doing this, we free ourselves from the risks of centralized control, giving ownership of the content to the user and making knowledge itself more reliable. This ultimately creates a greater potential for sharing information on the internet.
How do I earn tokens?
You earn tokens simply by getting upvotes on your posts. You can post questions, answers, and also links. The more tokens a user has in his wallet, the more his upvotes are worth to you when he upvotes you.
Where do tokens come from when someone gets upvotes?
The Musing blockchain continually creates tokens that are to be distributed to content creators. That means that when you upvote another user, you don't need to give any of your tokens away. You simply vote and let the blockchain determine how many new tokens to distribute to that user.
How much are my upvotes worth?
Every day, you regenerate Voting Power. When you upvote someone, you use roughly 10% of your remaining voting power each time. Therefore, each time you vote, it will have less effect. When the mainnet rolls out, you will be able to choose the exact amount of voting power you wish to use. The rate at which your voting power regenerates depends on how many tokens you have.
Is Musing on a testnet or mainnet?
Musing is currently on a testnet as of April 30, 2021. The mainnet launch will come soon, sometime in June.
Will testnet tokens convert to tokens on the mainnet?
Yes, tokens you earn today on the testnet will be converted to tokens on the mainnet. Thus, anything you earn on the testnet today will one day be able to be sold on exchanges.
Where can I purchase tokens?
You cannot purchase Musing tokens anywhere yet. However, you can expect to be able to purchase tokens from various exchanges and DEXs quite soon along with the mainnet launch.
Is Musing.io really decentralized?
Yes, Musing.io is simply a frontend that interacts with the Musing blockchain. Every post, comment, or upvote you create is sent directly from your browser to the blockchan and is stored there. The content that YOU create is truly owned by you. So even if Musing.io the website were to go down one day, the data would live on, and someone could build a new frontend to display the same content.
What is the consensus mechanism for Musing chain?
The Musing blockchain runs a delegated proof-of-stake algorithm. This is a model where we have a group of nodes that are elected by the community to host and validate the network. The ideal amount of nodes is around 21 nodes.
Does it cost anything to post, comment, or vote?
No, posting and voting on content are completely free.
How often is a new block produced?
Every 3 seconds, a new block is produced. It may contain content that you and other users post, as well as their upvotes, and any monetary transactions.