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WILL you join a Steem contest which rewards winners with SP delegation instead of giving out Steem directly? HOW MUCH SP and HOW LONG the delegation duration will attract you to join the contest?

Yes why not.

Presently with the use and implementation of resources credit on steemit, it is very obvious that steem power is what is most needed for more availability to interact and engaged with users on steemit either through comment, resteem or upvotes. These activities i mentioned earlier consumed a lot of resources credit and so steem power is needed because the higher your steem power, the more your resources credit and the more your engagement with users will be.

Presently steem value is down and low and so winning steem from contest will not have so much value as steem power been delegated to me. So I will prefer steem power been delegated to me than steem been giving to me in any contest. I will also prefer the steem power to be like 500 steem power with a duration of 2-3 weeks.



Minimum 100 SP for one week (7 full days).


Good question. I'll expect a minimum of 1,000 delegation for 1 month. I think that can make a significant  effect on my  curation effort. Currently, 1,000 SP will give about $0.02  100% upvote. I think that is not bad to receive as a contest reward (minimum)


I am interested in it. I think that it is a good idea. The idea itself attracts me without mentioning the amount and the duration of the Steem Power delegation.

Are there any contest out there, which rewards winners with Steem Power delegation? Or do you planning to organize such a contest? If yes, then I am definitely it it.