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Genetic engineering. A curse or a blessing?

Are we talking about food? If so, a blessing. There is no way that without GMOs that we could feed all the people on Earth. GMOs ensure that we can produce more food and create them in harsher environments and then be able to provide it to this world with an ever so growing population.


Genetic engineering has helped us in lots of ways and it is really a blessing for us

with the help of genetic engineering today we have come about various kinds of animals which have very similar genetic structure or material to human beings.

because of genetic engineering only we have come to know about the substitute of insulin is humulin of pig.

If genetic engineering was not there then we would not survive for a longer period of time.

genetic engineering is only the engineering which has helped us in the life process and it is also help us in biotechnology which has gained huge success in the recent times.

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