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Animal life Vs Human life?
Animal hunts for food, Humans earn for food..What are your thoughts?
Nature doesn't care.

We humans think we are somehow better ( in some cases even against other humans) simply because we can project our dominance over other lifeforms. But in the grand scheme of things, we are all the same carbon-based anomaly that has the apparent ability to act on it's own and the ability to recreate copies of themselves using atomic resources around it.

I really don't put any stock of all those "We are chosen to be higher" fallacy. Of course when it comes to survival, I can care less about other lifeforms because my DNA dictated that I value my own life and the lives of lifeforms that share similar DNA with me.

But to think we are "above" other lifeforms is hubris and ignorance. a single celled organism has the ability to wipe out humanity and it doesn't even care. Does it make them "higher" than us based on it's ability to annihilate us had nature gone it's course?

We as humans have the incentive to make this planet as livable as possible and that means valuing other lifeforms that maintains this habitat of ours. No, we are not "destroying" this planet, the planet doesn't care and life finds a way regardless. We're just making it impossible to sustain human lives.

at least that's what i think. Being an atheist, I am freed of many sorts of fallacies that other people have and to be honest l see life better.

Whatever floats your boat though.
Man is the best creature of creation. Why people are not the best creatures or animals ?? People are those whose hearts come in human beings. Animals do not have humanity. So they are animals The conscience of man comes but the animals do not. People may consider bad but animals can not. Animals can do bad things if they want. But man can never do bad things to man full of conscience. Because people are social creatures People have to keep pace with society. Animals can eat anything. But people can not. People eat food But the animals do not eat it. Animals have no self esteem, but people have self-respect. Finally, if a person lost his humanity, then he would also become a beast. There is no difference between humans and animals. that's it
There are many variations between animals and humans. A difference in these differences is important that in the form of wisdom, wealth, and power as man gets his virtue and self-labor, the realization is never attained. Humans generally use these receipts as a special instrument to get happiness in public life and forget that in these receipts if their labor is in its origin then God's grace is in its base, otherwise all Wealth, wealth and power get our own will, but this does not happen. That is why it is said that on whichever God is pleased, one becomes the author of the same knowledge, wealth and power. With evil deeds, we get heaven, devotion and knowledge from the Hell and the Sun, as well as attaining God. Then we become the official of eternal happiness. This man is also the ultimate benefit and goal of life.

Therefore, we should also keep in mind that if we do not use our resources as a means of grooming our worldly life, then we will get the path of perversity. Those who live in perversity with knowledge, wealth and power, lead a path of perversity, become egoistic from the teachings and begin to humiliate senior people and scholars from them. In the vanity of riches, they become indulgent in enjoyment and those who have got the power that they have received from the grace of God, such people start harassing others. Such an experiment of the best means of life is the use of pathology, which causes our downfall. Gentlemen move towards knowledge acquisition from their knowledge. They decide that the basis of ultimate knowledge is our education. Therefore neither do they ego in the context of attainment of education nor insult anyone.
You are asking if between animal life and human life which one is better. Alright, let's say that I am a human and biology has taught me that I and you, we are animals but we are not just like the other normal animals. We are higher animals, what we mean by being higher animals is that we can think, we have intuition, generally, we are rational being, rational means that we know the right decisions to we to take at every point in time.
For me I think the human life is better because I cannot imagine myself leaving under the leading of another person and not just living under the leading of another person I cannot just stay and allow another person thing for me think of what I would eat think of what I will dress and determine how my life will become. Can you imagine somebody killing you at every slightest opportunity the person feels that he needs to eat meat, you don't want to imagine that. Though from the way things are happening in this world right now I feel the animals have more peace than humans because humans are the one facing all the troubles in this life particularly poverty, suicide I don't even want to mention the bombings that all the terrorist groups are doing in the different countries of the world. I think I will prevail maybe to be in the animal kingdom but I have the rational of a human thank you.
Animal vs human life i will tell you in very short answer that animals are very kind and loving in nature if we treat them like our family members but now a days in human man kind no one is taking care of each other, even i like to say family members are also not supporting to their members. This is the situation of humans whereas if we watch animals they are always in a group standing in front to face any stitualtion.
Humans lie many times in life and there are words for humans sympathy, love, care but for animals there are no words there is only the unity for them this is what i think for animals and human.