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Why are most of the marriages not last for a long?

Sorry to say that I doubt the validity of your question. It is because almost all the marriage relations I have witnessed so far show the proclivity towards lasting long. I could seldom find any marriage relation ending up prematurely. Maybe that is because of the fact that the country I live in and its wide variety of cultures do celebrate and value the marriages and the new relations formed through them more than anything.

Unlike many western countries, where getting divorce is like you changing your clothes ( No offense, just repeating what my friends in those countries told me), here in India a couple applying for divorce itself is a big news in the region they belong to.

I have nothing against couples applying for divorce if they really need it.  I would rather support it saying it is a sign of the society being on its path towards progress. In India, despite couples not opting for divorce, not many are content with their current life and life partner. most of them are living bearing mental tortures and sexual discontentment. Why the hell should one waste the only life he/she got  just for the sake of making others happy? Better leave the life that you don't like and go with the life that makes you happy.

If you really are happy with your current relationship you for sure will genuinely love and enjoy the life you got now. Lest, it is unlikely to lead a happy one.

In short, the only reason marriages don't last long is that people are discontent with the life with their current partners and hence desperately need to get separated. Its a sign of collective evolution of the thought processes of hitherto oppressed human minds. 

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Modern day marriages collapse for various reasons.

-Society seems to have forgotten the meaning of the lines "till death do us part". A lot of people are in a rush to divorce at the slightest disagreement.

-Some people go into marriage with the wrong people or for the wrong reasons. A marriage built on a faulty foundation will likely collapse in the future.

-Some couples tend to neglect their primary duties in a marriage, thereby leading to dissatisfaction of a partner. Sometimes the deprived partner can't take it any more and a collapse becomes inevitable.
I think people are being more jealous nowadays. maybe it is because of social media lifestyle. On the superficial level, they are showing they love each other too much. But, in reality, they are only convincing their spouse or society that they are happy and satisfied with their relationship. They give more attention to others spouse rather than their own. And they have the idea that if this person goes away I can get another easily. By just doing next swipe. xD

But, don't worry. you can still get real love or give it to your spouse. It's all up to you. There are millions of couple they are living perfect loving life.
Why are most of the marriage not last for a long
Hmm, that a wonderful and thrilling question, I once ask a friend of mine that “do love expire?” She said “YES” I purposely ask a female friend the question and for that female friend to answer with a “YES”.
Oh!! I now believe it.
When you talk of marriage, marriage is a union between both sex which is the male and female.
I want you to know that when someone is willing to be with you, he or she will fall in love and for you being together it is like a dream come through.
Now let go to the marriage issue, there are so many things that cause marriage not to last long, they include:
Jealousy: Most time you always feel that you don’t trust your partner, even when you find your partners not to be engage in promiscuity or any sort of misbehavior. You still fear that she might find any other person more attractive, good looking and wealthy than you.
Trust: This also apply to jealousy, since you find your wife with any other person either discussing or even at another person side, you seem to think otherwise that your wife is engaging in any sort of promiscuity act.
Respect: When the wife seems to feel free that the man is her husband, so she can take for granted thinking he will not complain so far he loves her. The man will always think he has lost his respect due to them living together for a long time.
This points are some points which do not always make marriage last longer.
Many of the influences that could cause a relationship failed I will give one example of couples who no longer have sex will feel distant and even really keep away from each other because there is no emotional bonds are strengthened in between the two. If you've put it this way, do not consider trivial because it would be bad if the marriage took place at life in a long time
It's one of the example I mentioned above many other causes such as economic problems of personality is not the same
Science of happy marriage

What is the reason that the marital life of some couples remains the same as after the years of marriage? Some couples get separated after some time of marriage but for some couples, they become bonds of births.

A marriage is based on "belief" and "commitment". To be attracted to the person of the opposite sex is in our genes, but to control your emotions depends on genetics and other factors, and this is also the science of successful marriage.

Some men and women can cheat their partner, but some couples are able to keep the "physical attraction of the opposite sex" limited. What happens to this? To find the answer to this question, many researchers are researching their own ways. The answer to this question is linked to genetics and biology from psychology and there is a need to undertake intensive study on this.

The results of research done so far show that some people are naturally conscious of 'attraction'. But with this, the brain can be trained for this too.

According to the news of the New York Times, John Lidon of McGill University conducted a survey on this topic. Through the survey it was known that the effect of "momentary adverse attraction" on the lives of ideal couples is affected.

Some committed married men and women were selected for this survey and they were shown photos of people of the opposite sex, and they were told to identify the beautiful persons. These people obviously chose the people who can be considered to be beautiful. A few days later these people were shown the same pictures again and the same question was asked, but this time it was said that the people selected from the photographs would also like to meet you. This time these people gave fewer points to those photographs which were earlier given more marks.

That is, the minds of these people are trained in such a way that it attracts the attractive person of the opposite sex, but as soon as they feel that because of that person their marital life can be in danger, "so much so Not a beautiful "alarm.
Well there may be many reasons. Some of the reasons which I can understand are the following:
Materialistic: We have become more materialistic now a days as compared to past.
Compromising: couples are less compromising these days
Ego: we are having more ego issues as compared to our parents
Demanding: our demands now a days are very high.
Flexibility: we have less flexibility in our relations.
I believe most marriages don't last long for two reasons:

1. People rush into it not well-prepared, believing marriage is all fairytale like its portrayed in movies.

When the challenges come up, they are unable to cope hence, the breakup.

2. For selfish reasons. People rush into marriage for their personal or selfish gains and not because they have genuine love for their partner.

If for any reason, the benefit they're getting disappears, it becomes almost impossible to stick around.
When the marriage foundation is built on lies
About life it is dependent on the other people but it is dependent on ourself only.In whole world many people have same problems like this but what can they do if they do divorce to his wife due to some reasons or misbehaving with each other.

The people are telling that those who are doing love marriage are only for short period out of them few are successful and leaving a good life.but some are taking divorce and break the marriage relationship ,so I tells them why you were loving each other if you want to take a divorce.

Arrange marriage are very good because from both the family sit together and talk with each other and they both tell their son and daughter to talk with them and if they both like each other they will marriage each other and that's why arrange marriage doesn't break the marriage relationship than love marriage .

So ,most of the marriage not last for a long time.
critical factor adding to this is the manner in which we have changed how we Begin connections. We have done to relationship beginnings, what the porn business has done to sex: simply remove off and tossed every one of the bits we believe are "superfluous ornamentations and object".

We just skipped romance through and through. We've discarded the troublesome undertaking of becoming more acquainted with each other and confirming our qualities and standards against every others. It's simply observed as superfluous. And afterward we ask why we all of a sudden (a couple of years in) find we have "beyond reconciliation contrasts"

It's extremely dumb and extremely avoidable. Basically set aside the opportunity to really court each other legitimately. Try not to race into sexual connections previously confirming your potential accomplice. Sex dependably influences things to appear a done arrangement (in a relationship setting). In the event that that functions admirably we get the impression everything else will as well.. in any case, it's only a fantasy.