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Are you active on Steemit for the financial rewards, or do you value quality content creation/curation more?
There's no right or wrong answer.

To juxtapose those two is strange. I thought the original idea of Steem was to reward creating and discovering quality content financially. Of course, it is difficult to make it work with stake-based voting because there is nothing to stop vote selling. Enter SMTs next March and every app can try out different kinds of reward models, including account-based ones which will require Oracles to validate every account so that one person can only have one account to prevent abuse. Then there will be a chance to have a multitude of reward models out of which some will emerge as winners while others will be deemed failures.

Of course, I'm on Steem for the financial rewards. Why would I tolerate all the technical glitches, the small number of users, not knowing anybody on the platform before starting to use it, having no people around sharing any of my interests and hobbies, the flag wars and shit if it weren't for the financial rewards and even greater potential rewards? Let's get real. Why would any one of us be here if we did not look at this as a business? If I wanted to answer questions for free, I would go to Quora because, quite simply, there already is a much larger number of quality questions and answers than here. Musing will get there, of course, but it will take time.


There is no right or wrong answer.

I am active on Steemit to gain financial rewards and have fun. it is a combination of both. if there was no financial rewards I wouldn't be as active and that is just being honest.

When I joined I had no idea about  the rewards so that wasn't my initial reason. Once i learned what was possible I set my mind on growing as fast as possible. I found that the busier you are the more you enjoy it and the more you earn.

I don't have time to wander around the platform looking for new authors like I once did as my group of who I interact with is close to a hundred. I am trying to grow so I can be of some value further down the road to whoever supports me.

I have mixed feelings about Steem as I enjoy the socializing aspect, but the rewards are great as well. It is about finding a balance to do them both justice I think. I look forward to the day that I don't have to post as much and can spend more time socializing and just growing slowly.

I think the pressure of SMT's and mass on boarding has given us smaller accounts a little scare as we don't want to be lost in the madness when it starts. Growth is the most important factor right now until March and there is no time to go looking for new content.


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Two months ago, I would have answered "yes" to this question but as I got engaged , I realized steemit is more than just the money. Personally steemit built me into what I never thought I would become and expose me to knowledge of the crytocurrency system I never knew .

Though I still strive toward the financial independence especially now that I have lot of unpaid fee in school but to the question now, I think I value quality content more because the same quality content were what exposed me into a wider knowledge of life, Bitcoin, communities etc.

If we learn to see steemit beyond just the monetary advantage, then together we can build it into a community that could change the world as well as equip youth to start independent which can reduce crime rate .

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As days goes on. I am falling more in love with the steem blockchain and with all the dapps being invented. There is. No way am. Getting bored on the platform, the reward makes it addictive, but there is fun all around, you get to engage with people from all over the words and also learn new things from their content


For me steemit is a place to show work and respect the work of everyone, but it is very unfortunate if there are some users coming to Steemit only pursuing finance regardless of the quality of good content.

Every day I see users like people who are possessed by money demons, who are only concerned with money rather than the quality of their content.

I can only suggest, it's better to make good quality content than to expect upvote (financial) only. Because if you have good quality content, you will receive a satisfying reward.

Let's work and produce the best quality according to the talent you have, If you do it well, your finances will come to you.

Read #Faq as your basic knowledge in blockchain steem. Good luck


You are totally right. There is no right or wrong answer as we are individuals and somehow see Steem through subjectivity and multiple points of view. When I first heard about Steemit all I knew it was some sort of a website where you can post all sort of articles or blog posts and that you are paid in Steem for doing that. 

I didn't knew exactly what's with the upvotes, Steem Power, bid bots and so on so in my mind there was only one thing and that was Steem the token. I posted at the beginning about three-four articles a day and I was constantly watching how my payouts changed. That was my first experience. 

It was all about the money. Then after interacting and becoming a part of a community I didn't cared that much about payouts. I simply loved to be part of it, to share what I know and to discuss all sort of things, but mainly I am a content creator and not a curator. I don't have much Steem Power but all that I have is earned and I am fine with that. 

I still like getting upvotes and earning Steem and consider Steemit a great blogging opportunity that pays its bloggers but I am not that obsessed anymore as I was half a year ago. As a conclusion I am active now to also create content and upvote as much as I can but to earn some Steem on the way also. It has become somehow a mix of benefits that Steem has to offer and I am enjoying. A sweet mix though. 

Glad to be part of Steemit and to have found it. Keep on musing and have a great Saturday!


Well to be honest the entry to steemit was only for earning some extra money but as time started to pass by that particular feeling really started to get down.

Over the pas few months it has been just about learning and learning and now implementing those via engaging with others and making a difference as we speak.

As of now along with financial reward and after making a little place for myself here while  the expectation really increased from the others and it really allowed me to create more contents which could be useful for others and curating contents as well, which are really making an impact in steem blockchain.

After spending enough time in here this platform becomes like a more of a friend and a must part of our life. So no way to leave it behind and move away rather keep our work going forward and do what we do best.


It depends from person to person actually, there is a great number of people that are doing here content to generate some rewards. And there are great applications that help those people to generate some income with their content. And they prepare the content just because to get the upvote. And yeah this is the main reason of steemit actually a content rewarding platform, so people earn because of their content. And to earn more the quality is important, you have always to give good quality to be able to attract some people with high sp or applications that are holding the sp. 

If I talk personally I do not do that for earning reward, I just do that because I learn while I am on steem and while I am on its applications, it is so fun totally. Especially reading different questions and answers on @musing also seraching for new products on the @steemhunt its totally fun.

at the same time figuring out different cultures and cuisines in the tasteem is also another issue that I love about steem the most. There are plenty of things in Steem to do just because you will fall in love with them not because of making the earning or generating some financial income  

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I have fifty 50 answer on your question.

I am here on steemit gain finacial reward and making good contents for steemit community.

If steemit does not provide finacial reward i would not be on steemit.

But reason behind of joining steemit is great and knowledge providing plattform in truely manners. You got some finacial reward by getting some important information.

Actually you get rewards on steemit on the basis of toir skills.

You are not here to get rewards on freely. You got reward due to you skills and becoming a part of good steemian.

I have feel that Steem as I enjoy the socializing aspect, but the rewards are great as well.


I value both, I love producing quality content but at the same time I want to be paid for my effort, for the time & energy spent here and I have invested some steem into my SP balance also, so it makes me in a fine balance to stay active here, produce quality content, take part in curation for quality post and also get curation reward.

Thank you and Have a great day.