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Do you believe initiativeQ is a scam, or do you feel it has a shot of becoming the payment of the future?

1. Do Initiative Q have any product to show? No.

2. Do Initiative Q have any whitepaper? No.

3. Do Initiative Q have any technical roadmap? No.

4. Do you think a company will honestly give you 100k Dollar worth of coins just for having 10 person register their email under your name? I dont think so

5. What Initiative Q have right now? Probably a huge email list

Personally I don't mind typing my name and email just to see what's gonna happen next. I'd advise anyone against giving any money to them and  please please please have at least some basic OpSec knowledge (dont get phished).

As of now Initiative is neither legit nor scammy simply because they haven't even done anything. Though I guess companies will pay big bucks to get that email list though.


In my opinion, it's a classic pyramid scheme to create a mailing list that could be used dishonestly. There is no guarantee that they will not ask people for money in the future once their mailing list is built.

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