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What kind of content(s) do you enjoy reading?

I like reading content about history, whether it's local history or world history. But I am more interested in heroic local history or the history of a tribal civilization in the world. It is always interesting and makes me curious. Just reading about history has long been my experience, since I was in elementary school.

Health content is also always interesting for me, but I like health content after I studied health majors. I like health content to increase my knowledge in my work and teaching. Health content, especially radiology content, I always read almost every day. Because I always want to get the latest information about radiology. Especially now the development of radiology is very rapid, so it requires me to always upgrade the latest information about the development of radiology.

In addition to historical content and health content, I am also very interested in biographical content, I always read books that explore the in and outs of someone's life, both influential figures and inspirational figures. I am always interested in the life behind their screens.


I enjoy reading contents about music which is my niche. Gaming contents also catch my attention. I also enjoy poetry but very special kind of poetry, it might not be long but the words are what will attract me to reading it to the end.

When it comes to music contents I don't joke with it. I have joined some discord servers through reading good contents about music, that was how I got to know some good people who have assisted me heavily on the Steem platform.

Meeting this particular set of people has helped enhance my music skills a whole lot and I am always thankful to this people.


I enjoy reading something realistic. I'm not against fantasies, but what I like is something that could possibly happening in real life. I love reading stories of people that made their life to success, like from rags to riches. It inspires me a lot.

I also love reading about technologies, how something evolve into something unique and more useful.

I also like reading contents about health. Something that teaches on how to improve our health. Discoveries about new herbal medicines and new ways of treating diseases.

Posts discussing about cryptocurrencies and some ways of earning money online could also capture my interest.

Relationships and other advice about family matters also gives me interest to read.


I love reading any contents that are so interesting to read,contents that are educating,and also informative and also well written.....

i love reading contents that would add more to my knowledge and experience about many aspects of life...i love reading contents that are related to subjects which i really have so much interest in,example of such subjects are "cryptocurrencies","technology","relationship".,"Science".etc....


I love short and funny content that makes me smile haha!


I love fantasy stories. Contents about DIY and crafts get me interested as well. I also love reading contents about art especially if there are process shots in the post. Kinda gives me a ticket to the journey the artist went through while creating their art. I also enjoy reading comedy.