How do you think this protest series in Paris will end? Should Emmanuel Macron resign?
What might be the best arrangement?

As a result of the protest, I think more people will die or be injured, and it will continue for a while, I do think that the protest in france will not be ending very soon, I repeat I don't think it will end very soon, this is because this protest has been holding since december 2nd of last year especially by students of universities who calls themselves the yellow vest it seems as if president Macron has angered the people by making a whole lot of moves in the law that hasn't favoured his citizens and from what I've been watching on tv it even seems as if the economic capacity of the french state has been a little bit shaky.

Newsman even interviewed people who have been complaining about the skyrocketing in the prices of goods and services and also the inflating rate of fees by people who are in universities and college and even when people have been dispersed this current 2 weeks with tear gases and batons, the protesters have been coming back for the past two weeks and I don't think violence would make them stop, so I don't see the protest in france ending very soon because it is very chaotic and the president himself hasn't really been speaking to the media or speaking to the people who are behind this protest, so the fact that he has been endorsed without making any public statement is the reason why some people are still very certain that the french president is making a big mistake with his laws even after he has only stayed in power for one year.

So in my opinion I don't think the president should resign because the motion hasn't been moved in the legislative arm of government for him to resign. the state at which the french government is now may be as a result of uncalculated risks that the presidents' enacted laws has caused so as a result of the fact that he hasn't indicated by the legislature or by the law makers I don't think you should resign and another reason why he can't resign is because he has only just celebrated his one year anniversary of being in power and this means that he has like 3 or 4 years before a general presidential election which means that he still has the time to turn things around in the country's economy however the only way to do this is to start coming out of hiding after 4 weeks and addressing the media and promising the protesters a change