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What are the ways that instagram makes money?

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram profits from advertisements, much the same as Facebook. Facebook doesn't break out Instagram's financials, yet 98% of all Facebook income originated from publicizing in 2017. That number remained at 97% for 2016 and 95% for the prior year, as per the organization's yearly reports.

A part of that income very likely originated from Instagram, which presented paid promoting on its administration in 2013. From that point forward, its publicists have rushed to Instagram.

Some exploration has proceeded to demonstrate that promoting development on Instagram is really surpassing that of its parent Facebook. As indicated by Merkle's Digital Marketing Report for the second quarter of 2018, publicist spending on Instagram for the period grew multi year-over-year, contrasted with 40% for Facebook. Impressions for Instagram in a similar quarter developed by multi year-over-year versus a negative 17% for Facebook.


this is the way. 1. Selling Products

Selling products is arguably the most common way to get money from Instagram. The products sold are usually physical products ranging from hijab to agate.

If you don't have your own product, don't be sad. You can sell other people's products. For this reason, try to observe items that are sold by shops near your home, for example crafts or regional specialties.

You can also look at products in Indonesian e-commerce like Tokopedia. If there are products that are good for sale on your Instagram, contact the seller of the product for technical matters such as price discounts.

2. Offering Services

Not everyone likes to sell goods, but others like to offer services. Well, offering services on Instagram can also be an alternative to produce from those social networks.

In my observation, services often offered on Instagram include:

Logo creation servicesTranslation servicesTranslation search engine optimization (SEO)

3. Endorse

Endorse is promoting other people's products on your Instagram account. In addition to getting these products for free, you are also paid for these activities. Not bad as a side business, right?

For example, a reputable cosmetic manufacturer gives you the product for free. Then, you are asked to take a picture of the product and promote it on your Instagram account.

4. Selling photos

If you are an employee who likes photography, you can sell your snapshots on Instagram. Before the photos are uploaded on your Instagram account, give the watermark first to avoid photo theft.

Well, if anyone buys one or more of the photos that you display, send the original photo file (without watermark) to the buyer. Simple, right?

5. Search for Sponsors

Often see a specific brand sponsored activity? Well, the same thing can be applied also on Instagram.

If you use this method, you need to be proactive in finding a brand. For example, your account about culinary, the food manufacturers are the ones you are looking for.

After a price agreement, posting period, etc., then you post a picture or video related to the product from the brand.