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What is the requirement to become a blood donor?
This is a very interesting question because to be able to help fellow human in need

to be able to do blood donations make sure the conditions below are completed so it will be easy for you to do this donor

1. the blood donor candidate must have a healthy body physically and spiritually

2. men and women of reproductive age 17 to 65 years old

3. how to do blood donor that is 12 weeks or 3 months after the last blood donor

4. have a minimum weight of 45 kg should not be under it

5. has a hemoglobin level of 12-17g%

after you complete all the above requirements you can go directly to the hospital or the nearest PMI office to register blood donor


this is a requirement that applies in the working area of ​​Indonesia, I do not know in other regions
there are several conditions must be filled by blood pedonor. the following conditions must be fulfilled in my opinion: Physical and Spiritual HealthHeever between 17 and 65 years old, Minimal weight 45 kgHeemoglobin> 12.5gr% up to 17.0g% Blood pressure (systole) 100-170 mmHg]]) and (diastol ) 70-100 mmHg Body temperature between 36.6-37.5 degrees CelsiusNo have a blood clotting disorder or hemophilia Pulse rate ranges from 50-100 times / minLangement time of at least 3 months or 12 weeks from previous donor (maximum 5 times in 2 years)
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The requirement to become a blood donor,
have a healthy physical body. This is important given the blood You will enter into a person's body. If you have certain diseases, then it could affect the health condition of the recipient.

The following are some conditions that are not allowed to become blood donors:
Doctors are not allowed to donate blood related health condition you.

1. Suffering from diabetes.

2. Suffering from cancer.

3. Severe diseases of the heart and lungs.

4. Have high blood pressure
5. Suffering from epilepsy or seizures.

6. the Severe infectious disease or are at risk of infectious diseases such as syphilis affected, HIV/AIDS, flu, hepatitis B and/or c.

7. Taking certain drugs.

8. bleeding disorders such as hemophilia Have.

9. Once a drug addict or alcoholic beverages

Women who are menstruating can still be a donors if it doesn't feel pain or or meet the standards of the hemoglobin is considered safe when doing a blood donor. Blood donors who are menstruating can be suspended if you have excessive menstrual bleeding and have low hemoglobin levels.
Consult the health condition and your lifestyle with to be honest to the donor prior to donate their blood. This is useful to ensure your health will not be disturbed and to avoid the risk on the recipient blood.

Make sure that the condition of the body is being primed prior to blood donation. Don't forget the healthy food consumption prior to the taking of blood was performed. Avoid fatty foods because it could affect the quality of your blood. Try to drink plenty of water so that the body does not lack of liquids and sleep during the night before. You are also advised not to do heavy physical activity or consuming of liquor on one day prior to blood donation
To my knowledge, to be a blood donor we must be healthy, age has reached 17 years old usually at this age tuh development is perfect, have weight above 45 kg, normal body temperature (36.6-37.5C), blood pressure and normal pulse pressure, have never donated blood more than 5 times a year. That's what I know. Body health and blood are very important for donors. People who are addicted to drugs should not donate blood.
For the requirement of blood donor you need to be a healthy person first and there is no restriction for your donation of blood or we can say there are no any paper work for blood donation.

There are many programs, camps, and laboratory are available which are now a days organizing such camps of blood donation and people who are fit and healthy they can donate their blood and with no any paper work.

There are some conditions where you have to take care about it and just fulfill that condition you can successfully donate blood to anyone where you should not be a TB,CANCER, or any serious Medical health problem in that case your blood can affect the patient health and this may cause to death also so inform before if you have any such kind of problem before donating blood to any patient.

There are many vans which are now a days taking responsibilities of blood donation camp some of them are near by my home RED CROSS INDIAN SOCIETY which is organizing such camps all over india and has started a mission to fulfill the shortage of blood in human body. At the end so there are some conditions but no requirements for donation of blood so feel free to donate if you are fit and health and help the society.
I see that you have already gotten a lot of answers, but just keep in mind that this is different in all the different countries, so make sure to find out information about the country you do live in.
I think blood donation is open to anyone, but to do so must meet the following conditions:
Physically and mentally healthy, aged between 17 and 65 years old, Minimal weight 45 kg, hemoglobin levels> 12.5 gr% up to 17.0g%
Blood pressure (systole) 100-170mmHg) and (diastole) 70-100 mmHg, body temperature between 36.6-37.5 degrees Celsius
It has no blood clotting disorders or hemophilia.
Pulse rate ranges from 50-100 times / minute.
Span of at least 3 months or 12 weeks from previous donor.
To become a blood donor The most basic requirement is that The donor age 17 years old to 70 years old. Minimum weight is 45 kg with systole blood pressure below 180/80 mmHg and diastole below 100 mmHg.
To become a blood donor you must first of all ensure you are free of disease and secondly you must ensure that you are in a good health and you have the capability to donate blood to people
I have done it a few times already and it is not a big deal. However, you need to make sure that you had a zero alcohol intake the last day. Furthermore it is essential that you don't have any disease or even a flu would prevent you from being a good donator.
Conditions for blood donation: Age minimum 17 years. At this age, body development has been perfect. Thus, donating blood does not interfere with the working system of the body. Weight at least 45 kg. Less than that, the reduction of blood is feared will disrupt the balance of the body's work system. Normal body temperature, between 36.6 - 37.5 degrees Celsius. Normal blood pressure, ie sistole 110 - 160 mmHg, diastole 70 - 100 mmHg.Denyut regular pulse, which is about 50 - 100 times / menit.Haemoglobin women at least 12 grams%, men at least 13 grams% .For blood donor frequency maximum 5 times a year, or spaced at least 3 months.
Check my post. Few days ago I create this post. Here I share some photos of my first time blood donation.
And you also get requirements to be a blood donor.