Why do people who are in love prefer using hearts compared to logic?
love is blind, love is also a source of good and evil. Sometimes because of love we can do something that is beyond our logic and thinking. Why did it happen?

For a perfect relationship you will need to balance out in between logic and emotion i.e. brain and heart. If you are missing anyone of them while making a decision then you are sure going to feel un-confident about that decision.  Love is sure a best thing one can have but you should not let yourself flow away from the reality. Your thoughts are large in number. I was once making decision emotionally and believe me they were the worst decisions that I have made to the date. I started using logic, my brain and now I can predict the outcome and by this I can select the one which has greater possibility of happiness.


Because love functions on a different set of logic just as your perspective changes when you are in between different moods.  Attraction is a complex subject. The whole mating game would change drastically if we were all using high logic thinking when it comes to our mating patterns. 

Many would go into a relationship ensuring their survival as a race instead of just answering to their libidos. Which is not really congruent to how we view love.


 Because two people can have such a strong band with each other, that they do something behind logic or thinking, and im one of them.
Me and my woman are from two different cultures and backgrounds, she is the beauty queen and i was the bad boy, and we both where in a impossible situation and i don't want to go into details, but it was almost impossible, and we did not care.
We thought, we will manage and never thought of our future. While everyone around us never saw a future of us together, and then against all odds we did the unthinkable.
Now we are almost 20 years together, still in love, have two kids and she is my best friend, and im hers. Because since day 1 we respected each other differences and we only looked at the person within our self. That rule is still up and running, like our lovely and happy relationship! 

So we used our hearts to come together, and we used logic to guide us in our relationship, that saying some people use both!


The Heart is one of the organs that human have but can not control when it deals with love..

People who are in love atimes find it hard to say no to their lover when they make a request and also find it hard to get mad at them, it is simply because love cast a spell on them..

The power of love is the greatest, we don't choose for the Heart, it chooses who ever it likes..

# why do you think this happen when you see your loved ones

Heart skipping

Heart beating fast

And so many other strange things

It is sinple

Love is beyond our control


I've been blinded by love more times than I can count, but I think in most scenarios, it was a combination of love and lust, which are two powerful blinders when combined. 

The blinding affect to how terrible these relationships were for me was staggering. Being able to look back and say "what the hell was I thinking", spells out just exactly what it was I was thinking! 

I was thinking with my body, and my heart, but not my mind. My logical based mind was crippled, and under a state of lust induced paralysis. 

I thought of nothing but our next kiss, and what I would do to make her happy. 

Those of us who are a sucker for those blinders need to exercise caution with relationships. I would advise holding off on intimacy on the physical level, until you can discern whether or not it's a good match.