How can I follow and unfollow a trail and how can I change the voting power dedicated to a trail and what are the benefit of following a trail?
Please explain step by step for others to learn
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Following a trail adds support to the community/project that the trail owner is supporting. For example, the utopian-io supports open source project, the qurator trail supports quality members. By following their trail, you are supporting good content creators which in turn adds value to what steemit is all about. There are many people who don't have the time to curate posts and don't wish to waste their voting power, so by following a good trail is one of the option.

To see what trails are available, you can

  • go to steemauto.com
  • login with your posting key via steemconnect
  • click on curation trail
  • browse for the many popular curation trail available
  • or you can search for one if you know the name
  • click follow
  • after that, you can change the setting of voting weight

The benefits from following a troll are the sheer entertainment value of watching a mentally unhinged human being post rambling meaningless content in your steemit feed. Or source material for a great doctoral dissertation. Either case works.

Most trolls aren't intellectual enough to post content and will just resteem content from their fellow steemit kindred spirits such as DTube videos about Alex Jones.

Following and unfollowing a troll is simple. Just go to the troll's steemit profile. Find the either very low or negative reputation number and look to the right of that number and there will be either a follow or unfollow box. Clicking on that button icon will change it from one to the other.

There's not much you can do about the voting power of a troll but from what I can tell more than 90% of trolls will have extremely weak voting power along with a small reputation number so the trolls really can't meaningfully affect the posts of legitimate steemit users.

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