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Do you think that a bar is a good business model?

A bar is a relatively safe bet business in most Countries. This is because there are always those looking to relax, blow off steem and have fun with other people and a bar is one of the most cost effective methods of doing so.

However, A bar is also subject to location and may fail however 'safe' it appears as a business. For instance, in Countries where alcohol are not allowed or areas where sentiments are high, or competition is high, the bar may fail.


Any business can have a good business model behind it. Also a bar. There are very successful bars and bars that are a disaster. There are bars that leave a lot of room and bars that go to the limit of disaster. I know entrepreneurs with bars that tell me that they want to work less hours because they already earn a lot of money and others that tell me that a bad week in sales and they have a hard time.

That is, a bar, as a business can be good or bad depending on the business model that bar has behind. A bar is not a business model, as a software company is not.

So, can a bar have a good business model? Can a bar have a differentiation strategy that makes it stand out? Can a bar have a charisma that makes people feel comfortable and go regularly? Could there be two bars, side by side, one empty and one full? Why will it be?

Well, everyone who chooses the answer they want

My personal perspective and experience

I think it is one of the worst.

I say this because of my extensive experience since my parents had a food bar, that is, it is our family business. I have also worked as a waitress and cook in very different restaurants.

Bars and restaurants are a little scalable business, and that's one of the worst things a business can be, in fact, we should set up very scalable businesses: I recommend you read this short text that explains scalability.

There is a widespread myth that anyone can have a bar and nothing is further from reality, you must be immensely strong physically and mentally to work in a restaurant and more in a bar at night.

Look how the children of restaurateurs do not think about putting on something like that.

The myth is that traditionally lower middle class people were the ones who ran bars and restaurants. There are people of any social class who think that if the "poor" people can take a bar they much better ... I laugh in their face. Without exaggerating more than 15 restoration businesses (that I have seen) that have started with this myth, they have not lasted more than a year. If people believe that a restaurant was traditionally "poor", do they think that the life of the poor is easy? ... That the jobs they have are bearable and friendly? ...


A "bar" is not really a business model. If you could add more to clarify what's your idea then sure, you will get some nice answers, I'm sure.

You can run a sports bar in Small community, that's probably not too terrible of an idea. You can also run a pub next to a mosque and get fire bombed. You know what I mean by "a bar is not a business model"?