Why are most people poor?

I will bifurcate the reason for some people's poorness into two and these are :

1) Man Made Cause

2) Destiny

Let me take my time to explain what I meant by this two factors.

1) MAN MADE CAUSE : This kind of poorness is mostly caused by the individual themselves. These set of poor people were lazy because they weren't working while others were working to earn money.

Some people reason of being poor is as a result of their handwork. They caused property to their lives and they always regret such thing anytime they think about it. These set of people never know how to invest when they have money. All they do is spending money on non profitable things and they love to show off. How do you expect someone who isn't ready to make money spending money anyhow without them growing poor?

Some set of people under this category are very lazy to work for money. These same people may once be given the opportunity or chance to work and become successful but they reject such offer due to their lazy nature. This is one of the reasons why some people are poor.

Some people also want to keep living beyond their capacity or capabilities. These set of people do things they aren't capable of doing just because they want to compete with the society. These are the type of people you see buying expensive watches, cars, houses, gadgets, clothes, etc even though they earn not up to what they are buying. There is no how such people won't end up growing broke till they start borrowing money which they can't pay and at the end of the day they grow poor.

There are also more other instances you can think of but the fact is that being poor is sometimes caused by us even though we may end up blaming fate or other people for one's poorness.

2) DESTINY: Every individual will not surpass his or her own destiny. Destiny is already fixed and we work towards our destiny.

Some people are already destined to he poor and this is why no matter how hardworking some people are, they still end up poor because it is destined for them.

This doesn't means that we should rely on the concept of destiny without striving to become rich. We have to keep striving to achieve whatever we wish to achieve and let's see where fate will lead us to.

In conclusion, some people are poor due to their own mistakes they made and some are poor because it is already destined for them. We just have to keep striving hard to become rich and never look down on any poor person but support them with whatever you have.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


They Spend Everything That They Earn - What is the primary thing that strikes a chord on the off chance that they get a raise, acquire cash or get a reward at work? Step by step instructions to spend that cash on items and administrations that make them feel great at the time! Basically, broke individuals dependably, dependably, dependably adjust their way of life to what they are gaining. 

They Buy Stuff They Don't genuinely Need - Many broke individuals spend an unreasonable measure of their cash on stuff they don't generally NEED. Give me a chance to reveal to you my meaning of need and extravagance, since I surmise that we have lost the association with what we genuinely need to flourish. Past fundamental lodging, nourishment, dress and transportation we sincerely needn't bother with a lot to feel cheerful and end up effective. Going on an excursion, purchasing the most up to date garments and stimulation frameworks, the freshest wireless, and so forth is unadulterated screwing extravagance and by no means NEEDED to feel invigorated, glad and leave your heritage in this world. 

They Procrastinate - When it comes to making imperative moves throughout everyday life, such as getting an unmistakable image of their monetary circumstance, broke individuals always rationalize and lay the required exertion off until the point when it is past the point of no return. 

They Put in the Bare Minimum at Work or in Business - Broke individuals never invest more exertion than what genuinely would be expected to excel in their position. This for all intents and purposes guarantees that they'll never get a raise or generally enhance their circumstance. 

They Think That Rich People Are Evil - People who are always down and out frequently imagine that rich individuals are some way or another untrustworthy or that they needed to rip individuals off to get where they are presently. Indeed, obviously there are numerous butt faces out there that would do everything for cash, however the vast larger part of well off individuals got their through hard, legit work and a disregard for one's own needs. You can't be a liar or sham in business or at work and thirve in the long haul. 

They Rely on One Income Stream - Broke individuals depend solely on their activity as a pay stream. They never investigate putting resources into stocks, beginning a side hustle or getting into land to support their salary and make themselves monetarily versatile.


hello, here is my opinion about why are most people poor.  


  • Lack of Education Facilities 
  • Overpopulation
  • Culture of poverty
  •  Environmental Problems 

Lack Of Education 

[IMAGE SOURCE](http://sindhitutorials.com/blog/lack-of-education/)

There are many countries and big cities where education is not properly provided which is result in the unemployment of peoples certainly, Peoples became poor if they have no job and anything to do and keep some money for their life activities and Education should be necessary because Peoples can differentiate between right and Wrong Only if they are well educated  while if they are not educated it will result that he will not able to understand the thing which he will do in future he have no proper planning for their future. So, Lack of education is the main effect the mostly peoples are poor.

Over Population 

[Image Source](https://alexbhill.org/2011/11/30/better-health-growing-population-%E2%89%A0-societal-collapse-7billion/)

Overpopulation is also one of the cause of poverty of peoples, How ? We see that the population of the world is increasing day by day and it result in the poverty of peoples due to unbalance life activities.  If peoples becomes more there will be less seats of employment and these seat will empty if more peoples get that.

Environmental Problems 

some of the environmental problems also effects the status of peoples such as Flood when flood runs out it becomes destruction for all peoples, Building, Homes etc, It can destroy all the man's work as well as men this result in the poverty and becomes helpless. When wind is fast it becomes a monster of destruction for all the things and it will result in damage of our houses and other things, These all factors effect the peoples poverty. 

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The Economists invented the myth of scarcity, according to which we live in a world of limited resources, and that we must compete and pay to get them.

In Nature there is no scarcity. The Earth produces enough to feed the entire world population for generations.

The human biomass is 1 / 10,000 of the planet. The Earth is a giant table full of food, feeding millions of diners from thousands of centuries before us. Humans are newcomers, chopping the crumbs off the ground.

The Economy is based on false sticks and carrots: in Nature all goods are infinite and have zero value. The only way to create artificial value to a good is to invent attributes, for example that can be exhausted, that offers a better experience than others, that is difficult to achieve, or is not available to anyone.

The invention of money introduced a common pattern for work and consumption: the good or service of imaginary value was now equivalent to real work.

The Economies began to trade pseudo-scarce goods, goods of imaginary value, and finally added the money itself as another good with its own market value. Thus, speculation, the financial and luxury market was born.

We live in an absurd world where people work to pay for unnecessary luxuries, consume things they do not need, or pay for abstractions such as fear of the future (insurance), buying / selling of hopes (stock market), promises to be admired by others ( luxuries, status symbols), superior experiences (holidays, entertainment), or being more attractive (fashion, cosmetics, etc.)

By forcing Humanity to compete for resources that do not reach everyone, there will necessarily be winners and losers: the poor.


Because available resource are limited and labor earning power is insufficient.


In my personal point of view, it's the lack of good opportunity & or perseverance.

There are places where there is not enough opportunity for everyone and the majority end up being poor. There is imbalance on the distribution of wealth which makes the rich end up getting richer while the poor end up becoming needful.

On the other hand, some of us already accepted the fact that there no opportunities for them. They persevere enough to work for their daily needs and are having the difficulty to keep up with the increasing phase of the cost of living. These are the perons who simply rely on the "luck" that might come there way but they lack the tenacity to push forward.


Lack of proper education. And by education I mean the learning what resources they have and how they can prosper using these resources. There are people who has so much money but end up being poor because they misuse and mismanage their wealth. While there are those that has humble beginnings but end up climbing the ladder of wealth and success because they knew their resources, studied it, invested in making it more productive.