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What is your response as a photographer to the phrase: "Normal, with that camera any one takes some beautiful photos"?

Being a professional photographer for many years now, and having shot several hundreds of weddings, I've heard the phrase many times. And over time, the frustration made place for a more catching response:

"Of course, you are right! The chef of this restaurant's food is also good because he has expensive pots and pans! And the baker is baking great bread, only because he has that oven. Your doctor's great, because he has a great stethoscope!

And sorry, what do you do for a living? "


 My Response:

Yes, with a normal camera, anyone can take extraordinary photos. The point is on the "Skill" that the camera user has. If  he knows how to put the appropriate point of view, lighting, and also  does a little focus in a particular field, of course the picture will be  quite beautiful. 


My answer is not exactly.

If you meant a high end expensive camera, well, that's not always enough. You have to know how to use it so you can take the best photo the camera can offer. How many people I've seen with expensive, performant cameras taking crappy photos. To take great, high quality photos you need more than an expensive camera. 

The other side of the coin is that you can make a crappy photo good or a good one perfect if you know how to use digital editing apps. We live in a digital era, after process is possible, so even if you don't have a performant camera, you can still make good photos. 

That's my response! 


They told me so many times that I finally opened an Instagram account where I publish photos taken with my cell phone or pocket cameras.

I do not want to bore you with the philosophical explanation of photography, but keep in mind that to register a photo you need three elements.

The artifact

The software

The vision

The device can be a Leica, Hasselblad, Canon 1D, or the Kodak Fiesta or a cell phone. All are apt or not, because they depend on software and vision.

What software is there in a Kodak party, an Instamatic or the Canon EOS 1D? In the Kodak party, there was an acrylic lens with a predetermined fixed aperture at f 5.6. It was wide angle and the software was mechanical since it was determined from the factory that the shutter speed was 1/60 S. The software of the Hasselblad, however, can be set from an external computer / computer, being able to make all the photos take black and white regardless of the Bayer filter, change the color gamut of the photosensor, or achieve very long openings with neutral filters to simulate sea irons.

When one "steals" street portraits, there is no time to set the camera. Welcome to the automatic, which is nothing more than the "default record" for a certain load produced in the photos of the sensor that become a digital image. Is it not artistic? I do not care! I do not do optical art but, the artifact and the software serve to record what I see. No one is going to tell me that a photo should have registered it with 1/250 and f 5.6 instead of 1/125 and f 8.