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Why can not enough money be made to end global poverty and for everyone to have the same economic status?

Poverty has been on the decline in the world. An increasing number of countries have moved from being poor countries to middle-income countries. The world is in better shape than people generally think. In my opinion, the news media is mostly to blame for that because no news is good news and vice versa. 

I highly recommend this TED talk given by the late professor of statistics Hans Roslin on global poverty. It may open your eyes. 


When it comes to everyone having the same economic standing, I'm afraid that's not even a goal worth striving for because the only way to achieve it is by force. Economic outcomes are inevitably different for different people under meritocracy. Of course, the world is not a pure meritocracy, far from it, but it's still better than pure communism which means poverty for all.


Because this is not how the economy works, remember that organic money is basically a ticket that is priced and protected under other resources that a nation have, such as gold, diamonds, oil, etc..

You can't just print organic currency in an excessive way without breaking the wheel and generating chaos, because basically you are delivering more than you can back up.

The nations that print more organic money than they can back (like Venezuela) face inflationary economic phenomena that end up destroying their economy and undermining the quality of life of their inhabitants. Just imagine that suddenly the US start to print and distribute piles of dollars around the world, that would undoubtedly make the country collapse, making them find more ways to guarantee their organic money.

Remember also that it is better to give work to a poor person, rather than money to eat, because money can run out but with a job you can make money for more days.


it can be done.

It is done by the use of crypto and crypto becomes a currency that is borrowed from individuals. This will reduce the need again for banking systems that are designed to drain the wealth of an economy and nation and create a reliance on the bank itself for others to succeed.

It is not something tat should tried to be done over night, there is a process involved. The larger the initial investment the quicker the progress. The lines you will hear, They tried this or that it failed is a negative thought and is part of the brain washing process designed to prevent you try any alternative. 

If you are convinced before you try something it cannot be done. You are less likely to try. 

That's just the way the world is. Is nothing more than another cop-out. A way to not do anything to try to change things. The world is the way it is by design. The sins or crimes committed to get it that way are not beyond measurement for punishment. It is an ongoing system through generations creating a wealth that cannot be countered.

The same systems used against us are not financed to use those systems in our advantage. Using the same system to grow a strength that will be listened to with a financial backing from the masses can grow to counter that of the now conglomerates.

Things can be done to change the way things are.. The thing of their only one way always leads to failure. There has to be a piece of everything to make things work on an equal scale. 


That is not how things work...It is against the law of economics...You can't print money for everyone to be rich...

What's needed is that the more resources are generated and distributed justly.

(Communism Failed)

In a society there will always be different classes, there will be always poor and rich...

If everybody have same resources who would be a plumber, mason or cobbler????

The best thing that can be done is that the basic needs of every body are fulfilled and there is justice for everybody regardless of his economic power or social stature.


Imagine that 5 brothers inherit a property, and each one is given a title that represents 1/5 of that property.

That paper would have value, and it would be exactly one fifth of the total value of the property. Since it has value, it could be used as a means of payment (to buy something else, pay a debt, etc).

But the paper itself has no value. Paper is paper, it does not matter if it is a newspaper sheet, a flyer or a piece of toilet paper; It's about paper. What gives value to that title is what it represents: the fifth part of valuable property.

Money is the same. Tickets have no value because they are magical. They have it because they represent a certain amount of wealth. For example, 10 grams of gold deposited in the Central Bank.

If instead of there being 5 titles of property for that house, 10 titles were issued, each one of those titles would be worth less, a tenth, instead of a fifth.

So simply printing more papers would not solve anything. Paper is only paper. What matters is what each paper represents. And if what that role represents is worthless, then the paper would be no different than a piece of toilet paper.

Governments that print money irresponsibly to finance deficits or to make populism, only cause inflation and chaos.