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How to fight corruption in our countries?

Fighting corruption is not very easy. People don't really understand the importance of being corruption free. If every individual is worried about the consequences of corruption, I would say that then only we will be able to become a country that is corruption free. There are few things that can be done to achieve this goal. 

Strict rules: Without strict rules no one will bother about living without corruption. There is no use in blaming the corrupt people are corrupt politicians. The only way to fight corruption is to strengthen the rules eliminating loopholes in the rules. Every individual who would like to cheat or become corrupt are always in the look out for loopholes in the rules. That is the reason why today even if we are able to catch someone corruption, they easily come out of the case using the loopholes in the law. 

Increasing education: Education against corruption should be given to every individual. In my country most of the big heads who do corruption fall in both educated individual category as well as illiterate category. But if we train the new and younger generation with good knowledge about corruption, we will be able to mitigate the risk of corruption in the future. At the same time we should also be promoting the importance of being a person with clean hands. This will gradually help in reducing corruption. 

Solving basic needs: In any country if the basic needs are satisfied, people without those basic things will not go in the wrong direction or will not try alternative methods to do corruption or cheat someone. The focus of every country should be towards solving basic needs of every individual. At the same time the people should also know the consequence of corruption and try to lead a happy life with a corruption free source of income. Greed can sometimes induce a person to earn some extra income in the form of bribery. This can be changed only with changes to the way people think. 

Digitalizing the transactions: Most of the countries are now moving towards digital transactions. This is the best way to go. If the transactions are digitized, everyone will have a clear visibility on what is happening. Even the politicians should be bold enough to showcase their income and expenses. In any country when a politician starts as a common man and stands in the election for the first time, they will not have so much of money. But as they grow, their money also grows and after few years they become one of the most financially powerful person in the city. All this happens because there is no track of the source of income for the politicians. This is not just for politicians alone. 

Blockchain can be really helpful for this. Any transactions happening in blockchain can be easily tracked and can be viewed by anyone with right access. The government of the corrupted companies can start using blockchain to create visibility to showcase the transactions of powerful politicians. By doing so, a great visibility will be created and people will know about the person and next time when they think of voting them during elections, they will consider all these factors and vote accordingly. 

Start from Individual: Eradicating corruption starts from every individual. We might have a thought to remove corruption from the country completely but all the great steps start only from the individual. As a responsible citizen of the country I should first take oath that I will not end up becoming a corrupted individual just because someone in my country or in my locality is doing it. There can be cases where we might become a  prey to corruption even though we are not directly involved. In such situations we have to make sure we can mitigate such things and stay a good person with clean hands. 

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Corruption fighting has to be done at all levels of society, from the leader to the countrymen. The most important thing and weapon that can cripple corruption when a country is very corrupt, is to have a really really strong leader and a really harsh punishment for corruption.

The prime Minister or leader of the country must be strong and fearless to really tackle this issue. It is not easy to stand up for a leader to corruption but for the future of the country, it is a necessary evil.

Education of the people of the country. The country needs strong education system. Once the human capital of a country increases, it strongly enforces a strong national pride and would greatly reduce any corruption.. Imagine being a minister and being corrupt. Imagine trying to corrupt educated people who knows that corruption is only an instant gratification that can damage the country and reject any corruption money. It would strike fear into the heart of that person who tries to corrupt others. Education let's people know that if money goes into only a few individuals, that money could have generated more value now becomes a liability.

The country needs to also have a strong accounting standard and a council to really do the work of auditing the countries different accounts from the governments accounts to business accounts. If there is any extra ordinary wealth that is to be seen, it has to be investigated and checked as soon as something unusual is seen.

Block chain can really help combat corruption. Imagine having anything and everything recorded of an individual or citizen of a country, I don't think anyone in that country wants to even do something that can really damage their own reputation as i believe the blockchain of the future can rank the trustworthiness of everyone in the country.


I actually believe that corruption isn't an issue that can be battled by "a nation" yet rather by "a people". All that the nation can do is to furnish individuals with sensibly great, even, institutionalized, all inclusive and free instruction. That will give everybody a shared opinion to expand upon, and shared objectives, regular perspectives, every one of that makes individuals feel that they are all piece of an equivalent comunity. That is the thing that deletes the social fringes, pulls down station frameworks and raises "civism" (the inclination that everybody is a subject from an equivalent "city", in the greek sense). 

The actual least corrupt nations are those in which wealth is better, uniformly conveyed and everybody can get a decent instruction whenever needed. 

At the point when education turns into a benefit and the rich are not very many while the poor are too much, defilement develops like weed, separating social structures as it goes up and spreads around. 

corruption can really  be battled when everybody is really equivalent under the watchful eye of the law. At the point when the child of a rich man murders a poor, dark laborer while driving at 110 km/h in a 40 km/h zone and the equity framework releases him, without disavowing his permit, society sees the message: the rich are exempt from the rules that everyone else follows. At the point when a poor man is held in jail for quite a long time without formal allegation, only to be on an unlucky spot there is another: you should get rich before you are given any rights. These two messages cut off one: you should get rich as snappy as possible, and regardless. Since a great many people can't get rich, they'll attempt the following best thing: to pick any cut of the pie when they see the shot.


I think this is a great question. The way you phrased the question is quite accurate; the fact that you used "fight" instead of prevent is suitable for the issue. Corruption is a problem that is somehow hard to eliminate entirely, but we can fight it. I can think of several methods, one being the crucial.

We as the public should be aware of how serious this issue is, and we should demand actions against corruption from the representatives that we elect (assuming that the country is ruled by democracy). You see, I want the people I vote for to fight corruption, and if they don't, I will choose someone else the next time. 

Now, what I mentioned above is the essential step, because as long as people don't care, nothing will happen. However, there are several other possible actions as well. To start with, the penalty for corrupted officials (no matter in what sector) should be heavy, and we need to make sure that sentences against corrupt people are carried out. 

Secondly, government's budget should be transparent. I believe the idea behind this is clear; if the public can see where the money is spent, and where the money comes from in the first place, each and every person can interpret the numbers on their own. 

Did you know that a non-governmental called Transparency International publishes annual rankings called Corruption Perceptions Index? In my opinion, they are fighting corruption in a way by exposing corrupt countries to the world. 


I only know that there are no easy or quick solutions. I am increasingly convinced that the great changes are the product of many small actions, and that the great revolutions are never useful.

Education is key, and we must think in terms of decades or generations, to see solid changes.

I always cared about the environment, but I was skeptical about the ability of ordinary citizens to understand the magnitude of the problem. A few years ago, walking through the port of Olivos in Buenos Aires with my youngest daughter (6 years old at the time), surprised me with a long complaint, outraged by the pollution that was in the waters of the river, and plastics and bags that floated there, harming fish and birds.

What if. That is the solution. Education from small. If we do it well, in 15 or 20 years the difference will be abysmal.


It is difficult to end corruption specially if you are the third world country where the resources are less And misgovernance is at the peak. However it is to emembered that only one entity can create an impact on the system if he has strong will. It is easy to end corruption if there are rules of law with stringent control are applied. Otherwise it required a lot of efforts like self awareness, providing awareness to people around the surroundings. Remember only one match box is enough to burn hundreds of candle all you need to have self belief, courage and patience