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Why does the Bible say that we are all equal, but at the same time discriminate against homosexuals?

Nowhere in the Bible are homosexuals discriminated. Really, in none. What it says is that homosexual sex is a sin, nothing more.

In the same way as extra-marital sex declares a sin, even if it is with authorization and knowledge of the couple, and some reader with ulterior intentions could say that this is a contradiction because "it says that we are all equal, but discriminates against the swingers. "

Not so: declares that both forms of sexuality are a sin, and if you want to live in the way of life that the religions that take the Bible as the revealed word of God consider the ideal, you must abstain from these forms of sexuality. Even if homosexual sex or voluntary extra-marital sex is what attracts you most or what you enjoy the most.

The issue of homosexuality is more interesting than it seems at first glance. In the Old Testament we read that homosexual sex between men is considered in the most serious category of sins of all ("abomination", translate it normally). And as in ancient Israel there was no distinction between civil and canon law but they lived in a theocratic monarchy, sins were criminally punished - and the punishment that it touched for homosexual sex was the death penalty, as for the idolatry or necromancy. Why? Because God says! It does not give a "why" anywhere, so you can only make assumptions about the reasons. Interestingly, the traditional rabbinical interpretation of the commandment in this regard is that homosexual sex between men is prohibited, but not sex between women, which falls into a category of inferior sin ("rebellion") as well as the saying "rudeness", the "taking borrowed "things (and other forms of temporary theft) and, in some rabbinic interpretations (minority position, in fact) premarital sex. In the relevant verse it says "cursed the man who lies down with a man as one who sleeps with a woman" but never says anywhere "cursed the woman who lies with a woman ...".

On the other hand, in the condemnation of zoophilia, it explicitly says "cursed the man who joins a beast (...) damn the woman who fasts an animal". And the penalty for bestiality is also given symmetrically to leave no room for doubt: "You kill the man and the beast, you kill the woman and the animal, together they die, from your hand they die."

In the Babylonian Talmud there is even a discussion about whether a lesbian woman who has had sex innumerable times with women but has never been with a man can marry a Levite or a priest (the kohen are a sub-tribe within the tribe of Levi, the descendants of Aaron the brother of Moses). Priests can not marry only virgin women, they can not even marry their own ex-wives after a divorce, but strangely they can marry their sisters-in-law after widowhood without having sons ... and the rabbis concluded that yes, that for religious purposes "sex" is "penis in vagina" and nothing else for which these women are technically virgins.

And in the New Testament, Jesus never said anything about it but in the Pauline epistles (considered canonical by all branches of Christianity today) we read that the sinfulness of homosexual sex is one of the few explicitly endorsed commandments (like the prohibition to eat blood). Some other commandments of the Tanakh are explicitly repealed in the New Testament (such as the prohibition of eating non-kosher meats) and of all the others only the ambiguous indication is given and nothing precise that the death of Jesus, in a kind of ultimate Paschal sacrifice, it frees humans from the "yoke of the law", so the "law" no longer applies ... so that for 2 thousand years various Christian groups are incessantly debating which of those 613 commandments still apply and which no longer, and why what.

In the Pauline epistles, however, homosexual sex is considered equally sinful for men as well as for women.

Technically, a good Christian must "love the sinner but hate the sin." But doing this is extraordinarily difficult, so many Christians fall into the easy path of having discriminatory attitudes toward people they consider "sinners" ** and thus move away from sin - especially the sin that attracts them in one way or another. (as the life of "crazy party"), or who wanted to have an immediate negative consequence to be mentally justified in their rejection of that way of life. So you will see many Christians, of all denominations, having openly hostile attitudes towards drinkers, gay people, people who take drugs, people who have had abortions, etc. as a way to protect your own beliefs.


As what I have understand about the concept of equality is that we are all human, created from a one root of a man, we are all vulnerable to sin and no one makes and exception on that(well, aside from Jesus Christ if ever you believe on Him!). But one thing that I have learned before that got me into the conclusion of us humans are equally living in this world is that we all gonna equally die and perish.

Why am I telling this to you? You simply made a little mistake of assuming that equality is based on sexuality or any perception you have in your mind like for example, racial or ethnicity, intelligence and many more. It is not! It is also not associated in any physical properties of a man or what he got that made him superior. It is not based on power, treasures and wealth. Equality will never be equated into any aspects in life.


I'm sure if you delved deep enough, the bible would also say that females are the lesser of the two genders.

The bible is full of discrimination and hate. Virtually all religions encourage discrimination in one form or another. Religion is responsible for a huge amount of the violence that we see today.

In fact, just yesterday one person was killed and a number of people were injured right here in Melbourne. A man ran rampant in the city with a knife. And all because the guy doing the stabbing was supposedly driven to do so by his religion. 

It's probably pretty clear that I have no love of religion. In fact, there's a lot that I despise about religion in general. If religion inspires so much hatred in our world, and it does, then it quite simply doesn't belong in our society. 

I see people espousing how much love they feel for their god and religion and how much happiness it brings them. But in their next breath they are saying that homosexuals are going to hell. What the hell is wrong with someone if they think that this makes any sense at all? And what "loving" god would willingly send people to a place where they'll receive eternal torment for not doing his bidding or following his protocol in a certain manner? That's not a loving god, that's a spiteful and vengeful god. 

Anyway, that's my rant. 


Being equal doesn't serve for what's religiously and morally wrong. From the book of Genesis God vividly stated out his mind for a companion and for this he said

"I created them male and female" , which means we are two different individual with different attributes both physically and mentally. So the Bible didn't contradict itself, just a misconception from your end.

Equal in the sense that we are of one value. Not equal in the programming of lifestyle practice .


Does the Bible even say we are all equal? When the Bible was written slavery was pretty much universal and questioned by nobody.

My understanding is that the conservative Christian position is that 1) marriage is between man and woman and 2) sex belongs in marriage only. It follows from 1 and 2 that homosexuals should abstain from sex altogether. It's the sexual act between two men that is the abomination, not being a homosexual per se.


The Bible Does Not Discriminate Againth Homosexuals!! It Condemn It Outright!!

Why?? The Bible Is The Construction God Gave To The World After He Created It. It is Like A Parent Or Corporate Organization Reeling Out Rules of Conduct For Membership.

Unfortunately? Every Human Being Is A Member Of God's Family, As He Brought Everyone Into The World Which He Created!!

No One Has The Luxury of Choice Of Living Outside His Conducts . Nevertheless, He is Very Merciful, Compassionate and Forgiving Until A Transgressor Repents and Acknowledge His Rules.


Homosexuality ,In All Its Variants Is Against NATURE and LOGIC.

Very Simple Question Will Highlight This!!



Also, A Cursory Observation Of NATURE Reveals That VALUES are Made Possible By Two Opposites Operating Mutualistically For A Result.

Electricity Is Enabled By Positive and Negative Charges! So Must Be The Union of The Woman and Man To Sustain A Healthy Society .

While Discrimination Against Homosexuals Should Be Frowned Upon, It Should Not Be Promoted As The Ideal. It Must Be Seen As An Aberration Which Should Be Medicated Upon To Enable Healing, Both Biologically and Socially.


I can not say that it is a discrimination, it is only to get people away from that I think that it is okay to be homosexual.

I do not say it because I'm against them, it's just that I can say to people who are not totally open to the possibility that it can become "normal" to fall in love with your own sex.

It can get to look bad for the simple fact that homosexual people can not reproduce and the will of God says that you come to this world to bring more life.

How to explain that to people of ancient ages? the bible does not reproach hate, nowhere is it said that there must be inequality with homosexuals, as I said, it only looks bad just because they can not reproduce themselves and follow the will of God.