What's the meaning of life?

Meaning of life is different from one person to another. It is purely based on one's perspective. If you ask a fisherman you get a different reply and when you ask a university professor. If you have clear understanding you will be able to say that both the explanations will be correct.

Meaning of life depends on various factors. I would like to list out few things that can add meaning to life.

- A healthy body and healthy mind.

- When you get what you want in your life.

- First to understand what you really want in your life.

- Chasing your dreams.

- Spreading love.

- Not being selfish and leading a selfless life.

- Taking the worst for us and giving the best to others.

- Spending time with friends and family.

So it differs from one person to another person. We will not be able to just say a simple definition for life. Once a learned scholar said that life is all about chatting our dreams and looking for opportunities to help others consistently. In order to achieve that we will definitely need a good health. So health becomes one of the important criteria for a meaningful life.


Life has no meaning other than what we give it.

We are here through random formation and combination of certain elements and building blocks that allows us to live, breathe, interact and finally die.

There is no greater meaning to our lives than to that of a plant or rock.

The plant lives, feeds, breathes and dies just as we do, yet we do not try to attach any greater significance as to why the plant live, so why do we do that with our own?

Life is what you make of it, its meaning is defined by each individual person. If being a good person gives your life meaning, then do it. If being successful, rich and an asshole gives your life meaning, then do it. If donating all your money to charity, the church, scientific research is what brings you happiness and gives your life meaning then do it.

The meaning of life in my mind is simple:


Only by living life can you bring meaning to it and that is what the meaning of life is

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The meaning of life is so broad that we can never get to the end should we start looking into it. I'm going to give you a definition of the meaning of life I got from someone. It's very simple and also complex. He said:

" life has no one general meaning. It takes to any meaning that each one of us choose to give to it because we're likely going to relate with it based on the meaning that we choose to give to it."

Whenever I look at this statement, I see some truth in it. Everyone of us are going to relate with life based on our pexception of it. This goes on to prove that life is what you say it is. Ubless you want to live your life according to someone's own definition of life.


The meaning of life is 42.

What the meaning of 42 is to you, is your path of life.