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Do you think that the decrease in upvotes from musing is due to the increase of threads lately or it's just a Voting Power healing?

I believe its due to an increase in users, the number of questions/answers, etc.

As musing continues to grow more people are finding their way here. This is turn is leading to more questions being asked and many more answers being given.

As musing is currently manually curated that means there is a lot more work and effort required by the musing team to find those gems worthy of upvotes. However they have the same pool of funds to disperse.

Human nature is such that generally you want to hold something back, to have a reserve fund for emergencies, so where before the musing team might have only scanned say 100 answers at a time, they were more likely to offer larger payouts knowing there was a limited amount of answers to go through.

Now however, they might have to scan say 1000 questions which would lead to more cautious reward behaviour as they would want to ensure they have not used the "pot" completely by question 100 thus leaving nothing (voting power wise for example) for the remaining 900 questions.

As more people join and ask/answer questions that same power has to be spread thinner amongst all the great questions/answers. This leads to smaller votes being given per vote simply to ensure the "pot" can go further.


Increase in users hands down.  That is my opinion any way.  I think over the past week things have been a little slow.  I was just discussing that with another user the other day on Discord.  With Steemfest just having taken place a lot of users were travelling and getting back into their routine and I think that some of the curation fell behind a little.

They usually do a really good job of managing their VP and keeping the rewards pretty consistent though.  I think you would likely see an adjustment in the percentages before you would see outright no voting because they are trying to recover VP.  

The truth is there are just a ton of users on the platform these days.  I am seeing new users every day posting questions and answers.  The growth in just he last couple of months has been astounding.  

It is possible if they lost some delegations they might need to change some things about the way they upvote, but hopefully they are converting any rewards they are getting into SP to give them a buffer if one of the delegations did leave.  

Growing the account now will go a long way towards keeping them active and sustainable.


I'm not from the Musing team but I have been a user of their platform for over a month now and have been here even before they received the 350k+ delegation from Steemit Inc.

One thing I noticed is that the Musing team really did try to give everyone decent significant rewards for the contributions made to their platform while making sure that their Voting Power do not drop below 80%.

I suspect that the decrease in upvotes you noticed is mostly related to this. Upvotes are usually done in batches and when their VP is near 80% it seems they are giving less than what you normally get.

Of course this can also be attributed to the huge influx of new users on Musing as it is now harder to scale the voting weight while still trying to give a decent upvote worth.

So yeah I think it is both, increase in threads and Voting Power healing. :)


Musing.io have had to cope with so many challenges as a result of more contribution and as well as voting power healing.

The truth it was easier to distribute the reward when it was just a few users here, but now we have more users with 10k plus questions and apparently above 20k plus answers here. It will be definitely very difficult to reach a whole lot of other users and as a result of this the curators will have to curate more contribution as well as deal with resting their voting power.

The only way to be rid of this problem is if musing.io can get delegations, that way they will reduce their voting percentage and still maintain the range of upvoting, while conserving more voting power to reach more value contributions, so I'll say it's a case of both.


I think the decrease in upvotes from musing is due to increase of threads lately. There are so many unique questions and answers on musing that deserves to be rewarded and if musing must reward at least 80% of the contents produced here then it has to reduce its voting power. The lower the voting power the lower the upvote.

Again, once the voting power is drained, upvotes naturally decreases too until voting power recharges and I doubt musing has enough time to recharge their voting power as they are always rewarding great contents here.

I must say they are doing a great job.


It is both and just think about the supply/demand ratio.

The numbers are increasing and the voting resource is always limited and it is also true that spam questions as well as answers are increasing day by day. So musing will vote those answers which are good and it should be the rule also, otherwise it will also become a spam pond.

Needless to mention that per day musing can spare only 20% of the voting power. So if the number of people will be more, votes will be less and vice versa. But I think there is a reward always for thought provoking questions & answers.


I am new to musing so i wouldn't really know but I would say it is more down to the increase in users coming to the site. Voting power can be adjusted accordingly by voting a smaller percentage but increasing the number of votes given.


I think it's because of the increased number of users on the site. Because of this, more questions are being asked and even more answers are being given. As such, musing is having a hard time upcoming all the work.

They have the option of reducing upvote power so that it gets to everyone but instead they're keeping it steady and upvoting as best they can.

With time, I believe their upvote power will increase and they will be able to accommodate everyone again.