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What do you think about Joe Parys course for beginners on Steemit sold in a bid bot boosted post on the trending page? Would you pay $9.99 to learn how to be successful on Steemot from Joe Parys?

I know that some people seem to be against entrepreneurs making a profit, but I personally do not see anything wrong with him trying to sell his course. 

That said, every bit of information that's in that course could also be found for free. The only difference is that you would be spending more time gathering those bits of information yourself. 

So I could see that for newbies it might be interesting to spend 10 dollars to get all the information immediately. 

I know that some people seem to be against entrepreneurs making a profit, but I personally do not see antyhing wrong with him trying to sell his course. 


The joy of Steem is that people are able to post, and promote how they like (and the crowd decides through extra votes/flags how succesful they will be).

I wouldnt be interested in something like this, as I dont think there is any one thing that can help people be succesful on Steem - it takes a lot of time, effort and experimentation to find out what works best, and it will also depend on what your goals are. Not everyones goals are to make 1000s of SP on here and make a living, some just like to write and earn a few extra dollars.

Alot of his materials (and other 'succesful' steemians) advice is available for free on Youtube anyway. I remeber watching his videos on Youtube when I started and I think if I watched them now I would cringe!


I think if you pay 9.99 for his course, the joke is on you.

Everything he teaches is readily available for everyone to read on the blockchain. 

If you are too lazy to read it all, or just don't want to , then go right ahead and pay 9.99 to learn Steemit's most questionable profitable practices. 


The same information can be found for free. I wouldn't pay for such information because I prefer finding things out on my own. In addition to that, I've always been wary of self-appointed gurus who package and sell success. It strikes me as being somehow cheap to take a course to learn a bag of tricks to maximize my income on Steem regardless of the implications to the entire platform. Rather than learn a standardized set of rules or methods to follow, I prefer learning and reflecting on my own. I'm not saying Joe Parys has nothing useful to teach because I'm not familiar with any of this material but evidently it's not tailored to each student.


Absolutely Not.

There are thousands of people on Steemit who are community minded and quite happy to share their knowledge for free. There are thousands of articles all over Steemit about how to be successful here and build up your following and write interesting articles.

There are writing guides and so much resource to teach and guide you or .......

Simply ask a question here on @musing !! There will be no end of answers and advice.

Crowd sourced knowledge is free and readily available on Steemit and especially if you can't afford to buy a load of SP, this knowledge is invaluable.

In my opinion, Joe Parys is nothing more than an opportunist, putting personal profit before community.

Everyone wants to earn rewards here, but the philosophy of the Steem community for me, is to share, encourage and help each other.

Don't pay. Ask nicely, and you will receive all the help you need.

 Have a look at this guy, he asks questions and gets answers of the type you need to learn and progress.


Read and learn, and best wishes for a successful time on Steemit :-)