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What tool could and should be embeded by @musing for us, its users, to filter certain users which really spam the platform with tons of nonsense questions?

This is an interesting question, and I guess I might have a different opinion compared to some of the other answers written here. I for one think that there is a spam problem here, with some users posting huge amount of random questions in a row. 

Do these spammers ever reply to the answers they get, even when people directly ask them follow-up questions? No, they very, very rarely do. 

Do they even read the answers? Probably not. 

To me it seems like there are a lot of users here who go to Quora, find 20 random questions, then copy-paste them over here (or slightly reformat them) in order to hopefully get an upvote or two. 

In my opinion this behavior should be discouraged. From my point of view, it would be fine to mute, choose to don't upvote, warn, or remove some of the worst offenders. If they show 0 interactions on the website, then they are likely just here for some quick money, so what's the point of rewarding them? 

People obviously have different opinions on what spam is, so if Musing were to implement any of these features, then they would also need to define what constitutes as spam. 

So that's my opinion. I see that some people disagrees with this, and that's totally fine, but I guess it just comes down to what the Musing developers think is best for the long-term health of the dapp. I will be supporting them either way ;) 


Actually I think musing.io should come up with something like category in order to help user channel their questions more importantly. The only problem I have is that sometimes people ask reasonable questions but the way and manner is being put makes it very ambiguous and difficult for people who wish to answer have a difficult time digesting the question before answering it.

When musing.io comes up with category and a user asks a question concerning that category it will help people who are answering the questions have an inkling of where the question asked falls under. For example his question you asked if it's going to be put in a category will be called something like "Musing User enhancement" which will help people know that you're asking a question thats related to how to enhance musing.io userability.

I believe some questions are viable only thatvthe people who are asking aren't putting them well to be able to be digested and answered.

As for spam, musing.io has the right to upvote or not to, so in the long run if people are not getting upvotes for spamming I believe they will stop. I hope this will be out into perspectives


I honestly don't think there is anything you can do.

The only way we can stop the stupid questions is by ignoring them. The longer we keep answering them the longer they will continue.

In the last week I have noticed tons of medical questions which were obviously pulled of another site. Unless you have a medical condition which i doubt that user had then they were rather pointless and no thought had gone into them.

I would then suggest ignoring them unless musing has another way of dealing with the user.


I really don't understand what you mean by nonsense questions. We all don't have the same level of IQ, People ask questions because they want to know. Cryptoandcoffee said something about some of the medical questions being irrelevant except the user has that problem. We learn new words and medical conditions everyday. I could be watching a movie and hear them talk about a medical condition and I don't know nothing about it, is there anything wrong with coming to ask about it on musing.

We really should stop calling people's question nonsense. They have as much right as you on musing. If you feel the question is stupid then you have the choice to jump to the next smart question. There are people that would see that question and not even know how to answer it or believe answering it is worth their time.

Unfortunately, there is no way musing.io can filter out spammers. Truth is I love the fact that musing accommodates the wise and the mediocre. This makes it a friendly platform. We all don't have same level of exposure or education and some people are still trying out how the platform works. Why can't we accommodate each other? Is it so difficult?

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