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Has Steem won the Netcoins contest?

The official result would be declared next week but it might not be the same as the latest tally of votes suggest. 

The official result would be declared next week but it might not be the same as the latest tally of votes suggest. The last I heard, netcoins removed a bunch of fake votes received by verge (XVG). If the same thing happens to INS we can still reach the top position and win the contest.

If we come first, we get a hundred percent discount on the their 30,000USD listing fees. As of now we stand second so we still get a 25% discount and can get listed on a discounted fees of 22,500USD.


Yes we did get listed on Netcoin.

Surprised no one has came back to say anything, We got listed we had the higher votes, INS was using bots to create votes and did not get the top spot. The consistency of Steemit members to keep promoting the contest and keep going back to vote each day is what won it for us, A bit more focus on that a bit earlier and we would have walked away with it no problem.

In the end we did walk away with it by a decent margin, the INS although corrupt was the only competition at the end,

Glad I seen this question the netcoins went out of my mind for a  while. I am going to go take a look around after posting this answer. 


As in the current state Steem is in the 2nd position i.e. 999 less votes than the 1st position, so that means Steem did not won the Netcoins contest.

But still there is hope because Netcoins will be accessing the votes and if they find out that the votes are not correct they will be nullyfying the votes that means we still need to wait for a week to see if Steem has won or not.


Officially they did. It seems as though Ned does not really have the drive to take advantage of any good publicity though. I hope he stays with it and makes steemit and steem great again.


Number-wise we lost by around 700 votes to INS. But STEEM still has a chance considering how suspicious INS got their votes last minute (or 2 hours before deadline).  The official result will be announced next week after all votes have been reviewed for verification.