What changes would you like to see on Steem in 2019 and how do you see your 2018 experience now that the year is almost over?
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I really want to see content based commercial grade application on steem blockchain in 2019, that will not only expand the economy but also it will be a step forward to connect to the real physical world and steem price will also get a sustainable boost from such applications.

2018 was good in the first half but unfortunately we could not take advantage of those situations when steem price was high and when the confidence level was really high and in my opinion that was the time when steem was really hot and that was the perfect time & we should have had executed SMT at that time. That could have really brought a different situation to the steem ecosystem. Even if steemit will launch SMT in first quarter of 2019, but it is likely to face many challenges and it has to perform extraordinarily, then only that level of confidence can be restored. As such normal steemit operation is fine and there is no such major change. But I think we need to find a way how to retain the new users. Retaining the people who are joining into the ecosystem was and has been a major challenge for steemit since beginning and I wish the witnesses and steemit Inc will work on this front and find a solution to how to retain the users.

2019 and onward steemit should also look for mass adoption also & now it should focus fully on SMT and I think SMT could bring an interim relief to the price of steem and also steem blockchain will look more lucrative if SMT will be launched.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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In 2019, I would love to see Steem price increased to at least $1. I would love to see more people active on the platform, I would love to see more projects launch on Steem, I would love to see more Steem evangelical works. I would love the zeal that was before on the Steem platform to be returned. I would love more people to be drawn back to Steem in 2019.

I found out about Steem in 2018. Early in the year, it was great, amazing, lovely and attractive. I was so happy to blog, share ideas with people and get paid for it. It was fun because Steem was over $5 then. The payout was huge, enticing. I continued blogging on the platform and slowly, Steem price started dropping till it's no longer up to $1 again. It is painful, sad, heartbreaking but we keep Steeming.

I only hope 2019 will be better.

I started a blog on the platform in August 2017, a year already on the platform, no matter how many rewards I have received from post paid, I haven't calculated it for sure. However, I am very happy to have gained various knowledge about blockchain technology in the past year by being involved in the steemit platform.

There was a bit of disappointment that I experienced, it was because of my own mistakes, I was not diligent in doing powered up, so the SP that I had was still stagnant and had not yet experienced satisfactory development. SP.

Learning from my experience in 2018, it seems that I have to change my barometer for powered up SP, so that in 2019 I have the maximum SP, of course it really helps the community of the developing blockchain steem in Indonesia. Hopefully I can achieve it in 2019.