For how long would you still be active on Steem if tge price of the token would hover around 30 cents for at least one more year?
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Even if Steem gets to 0USD and becomes completely useless in terms of value, I will still be here as long as I will not be the only.

I believe I have seen it all already. I joined Steem in June 2017 when the price was about $0.7. I was here when it made to $8 and back to currently where it is.

" I came for the money 💰 but stayed for the community"

I am simply enjoying my time with the community and friends without having to think much about the price.

For me I would still be here. The day I joined Steem was when Steem was at its low already. I joined this platform at around the end of July 2018. For me, I would just keep doing what I do and show up and just participate and stay active in this platform and see what's gonna happen. It's hard to know what is really gonna happen in the distance future but I am sure that as long as we keep working on it and never give up, things will turn up well for all of us.

I am predicting that, or estimating that Steem price is gonna be hovering at around this price for a long time to come. I guess those who are able to just be here and wait are those who really love this platform or even musing.

Crypto and blockchain tech continue to grow in the background, no matter what the price looks like right now. Do you have faith in crypto and in the communities being built here? If you do, then stay and continue to contribute. If you don't, then leave. Cryptocurrency is still a relatively young financial market and is not stable yet so the price will continue to bounce around until its more developed. If you have been in crypto for any length of time, then you know that it is possible for the market to be down for a significant amount of time with the possibility of bouncing back. Will I stay in the crypto space? Yup! Because I believe in the businesses being built in the space and the technology that is being focused on. Will I stay on Steem? I am not sure. And it's not the price that I worry about. I worry about the drama and the politics. 

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I have always liked to write and read. In fact, the money that I can earn in Steemit is an incentive, but I would continue to write even if the currency reached such low levels.

It would be interesting to see who are left if the conditions really reach the stated. Very interesting...

Since steem's price dropped to these levels, activity around is way less that it was a few months back. You an easily understand that just by looking at your feed. It kinda looks empty....

But those of us who are still here, are thinking long term. They are not here for the easy money. They (we) are here for the long run. So I think that even if price would remain at the same levels even for two more years, some (including myself) would find it as a perfect opportunity for further engagement and accumulation.

So to answer your question, I would be around even if the price was 0.01$ because I really enjoy being here but also because when people finally realize the revolution cryptos can bring to society they will flock here by thousands. 

I have been active on Steemit for the past few months that Steem has gone down.

It's been months now and I'm still very active. If it hovers around that price for a while longer, I don't think I'll give up.

Musing keeps me going and I'll keep being active for as long as I can.

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Well said.

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In 12 days, I will be rounding up my first year on the Seem blockchain and the  journey has been quite fun and rewarding. I joined Steem during the juicy days of $3 per steem yet, i didn't understand the value of Steem then. However, as the time passed, I began to see the potency of Steem and this fueled me to invest more time and resources to it. I must note here that this change actually came during price-down day of Steem. However, I am still committed to Steem and even building more projects on the Steem blockchain.

One thing is certain, I do not value Steem as a currency, rather, I  value Steem based on the potentials it has to build creativity, innovation, originality and peer-curation. Moreso, With steem, content plagiarism and piracy would soon become a thing of the past.

With the above, I can Say that I'll hold on with Steem as long as the platform transacting Steem remains active.


I'm still here anyway.. I think Steemit has become a habit that will be hard for me to break. I might not be as active because I have other things to do to pay the bills.. But I won't leave either.. Besides I find musing very helpful for me to keep my blog active..

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For me steem and any other public blockchain is a long term investment. We are yet to see an increase in adoption that can lift prices at exponential rate. We are still developing these blockchains and have no clear winner. IN fact we may not even have a clear winner. 

Again, I am in steem for the long run. I do not care if the price is 30 cents or more or less. I won't be powering down till I think steem is going to $10 which I think it may in another massive bull run at some stage. With all the dapps and 300 million in circulation, steem will be valued at $3 billion which is nothing compared to the valuation of even yahoo, let alone facebook. 

If steem stays at 30 cents, I am going to do what I did last year, stay as active as possible and collect as much steem as I can. My stake also helps in generating more curation rewards or help the ecosystem by delegating steem. 

I actually have become more active ever since the price dropped, and I'm not planning to stop. When prices are low, it's time to accumulate. It's just like "buying the dip". 

I just imagine that every Steem I earn is worth $1. I'm pretty sure it will go a lot higher again in the future, but just $1 would already be very lucrative. 

I would love it, considering I am kind of short on making financial investments these days.

So would try to keep accumulating as much as Steem possible by posting/commenting and musing ^^

As a brand new user to Steemit and the Steem Blockchain I can honestly say that if the price remained the same for 12 months, it wouldn't phase me at all.

The main reason being that I'm able to make money for simply contributing to the platform, so at 30 cents a coin I'm more than happy to continue contributing. 

I've seen people here who are still living off their Steemit earnings at this price, so if they can do it then I imagine that I should be able to as well.

My cost of living is very low (Indonesia) so I don't need to make that much here compared to many people in Western countries. So 30 cents per coin is perfectly acceptable to me.

But if the price of one Steem went to USD $1? Wow... that would be amazing to me. And if it went beyond that? Well... wow... I'd love to see that.

I know that Steem has been above USD $6 in the past. And I really feel for the people who saw those prices. They must be feeling a little frustrated at this point. But when you think about it, we're making money from contributing some words to the blockchain right now. So we should be happy with that at any price. 

It's sheer insanity that we're able to make money in this matter, so really, be happy at whatever price you're making it at.

I have been inactive for couple of months due to low price of steem. Then, few weeks ago I just tried again opening my steemit account and saw some of the people I'm following that they're still active and also using musing.io. Now, I still keep on spending at least 1-2 hours per day on musing by posting questions and answering. It's a good practice of writing and widening my knowledge in English since it's just my 2nd language. So I think I'll still be active even the steem will stay $.30 for the whole year.

I'm hoping for STEEM at around $0.005 a pop. 

Even if it then take 2 years to climb back to a $1.00, I'll be around.

Think about it, to hold 50,000 STEEM bought at $0.005 and sold at $1, is better profit than some Bitcoin millionaires made. 

One year ago, STEEM was worth around $8.00 a pop. 

And I only want $1.00 a pop. ;)

I would be here, regardless of the price. Steemit is not just about Steem and to be hones, this is the best time to grow, when the price is low. My growth has been the highest during this period and I'm doing all i can to grow more and more before the price go up.

Many users have left already because of the low price and I have a feeling that they are going to regret it. Cashing out at this price is not something I would do. I'm planning to work hard, regardless the price. I believe in Steemit and also like the platform, reading posts on a daily bases is something I would not give up on. 

I'm constantly learning, there's a new opportunity every day, you just have  to keep your eyes open. I've met many people and I'm sure I'm going to meet many more. Steemit has become part of my like and would feel bad without it. I'm sure the knowledge I get here will help me in the future. So I'm planning to stay, don't have any intention to leave, no matter how much Steem might be. It's going to go up when the time somes, just have to be patient. 

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I have kind of the same perspective. When Steem was $3 I would hardly earn one Steem a day... Now seems easier to earn it, to find good posts and to get noticed.

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Well I've been active since the price dropped so I don't see any reason why I wouldn't continue being active. The price of steem is messed up, that's a fact but it doesn't mean that we should all jump ship if it remains like this. I've never seen the price of steem this low, but I saw it when it was at 6-7$ and I watched it drop down to less than a dollar, I didn't leave then and I'm not leaving now.

I mean we're all not getting paid for being on Facebook or Instagram and I'm still there so why would I stop being active on the one place that actually pays me for my time and effort. Regardless of how the price drops(hopefully it won't go any lower) I'll still remain active on steemit.

Maybe if the price dropped down to 0 and steemit stopped being a site that rewards people for their creativity then I would hang up my pen, but as long as I'm actually getting something for my intellectual investments then I see no reason why I would stop.

If the price remains at 0.30$ then we'll all get used to it, we'll hope for the best but after a couple of months we'll be used to it. The people that stay will be the ones that will reap the most when the price actually goes up and I assure you, I'll be amongst the lucky few who actually stay.

I hope this helps.

Hi @acesontop.Price has nothing to do with my thought process.I am here for the long term and believe in order to be of use to to others I need to grow.

When the price is low like it is today it is far easier to grow. Your posts are noticed or have more chance of being noticed.When the platform is busy the place is swamped by 10's of thousands of users.The important thing to realise is the reward pool stays the same.

At 30 cents and the quietness of the platform it has enabled me to get to know other users properly.Having a relationship with fellow users is key for the support base.

Over the last 3 months I have grown beyond anything I could have imagined and this would have been impossible if Steem was at $5. I don't look at the price anymore and only check my SP holding.

I am in no rush to make my fortune which I believe will happen at some point .Steem has a massive future and we shouldn't rush this process.Another user told me to look at this place like a University Degree and that is 5 years. We are all learning and developing and when it is ready we will be prepared for the flood gates to open.

I will still be here when Steem hits triple digits and who knows maybe more. All the hard work we have put in will pay off and it is just patience that we have to learn now.

Should I interpret this question as you would leave the Steem blockchain after a certain time, if the price of Steem would hover around $0.30 USD for at least one more year?

$0.30 USD? That is still more than nothing/zero ($0 USD), so why should this stop anyone using the Steem blockchain? Why would anyone stop using the Steem because of this? Are people really that greedy?

Steem was worth around $0.07 USD at the time of its introduction. Just saying.

Would you leave the Steem blockchain, if the price of Steem would go down to $0.07 USD (or even below) in the next few months (and would stay there for months or for a year or more)?