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Have you ever traded cryptos based on tips from crypto twitter?

To be honest no. 

While as a mater of fact I have done few trades by following some "Youtubers". 

As a result of that I was quite benefited from that by the way and since then I have been following them and the tips or suggestions from them comes out quite handy from time to time.

But it is safe to assume they will not take the responsibility of the profit/loss that we make from the trade be that it may be on Twitter or Youtube or any other social media. So it is better to do our own research before investing our money. 


It's best to trade base on your own analysis. Every other tip from either online or any other source should only guide you to check such signals in your own analysis. If your analysis agrees with the one shared, then you take the action

Trading based on signals of others is kinda risky. You have to verify such signals with your own analysis before taking them because you're the one that will incure the loss should the trade go bad


Not yet, I've never done it because no matter how predictive they make, the risks we take remain at our risk. So, I prefer to believe in my strategy, and use risk according to what I believe. 


No. I am not even on twitter as a matter of fact but if I was I would not trust some twitter acount.