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Do you think that in 2019 some type of regulations will manage eradicate crypto scams and ponzi schemes such as Bitconnect once and for all?

I think crypto truly needs a serious regulations because the scam is getting too much. And also, the rate at which several unverified crypto projects that doesn't have good use cases or real life applications are springing up is also a cause for concern. If this isn't curtailed, most investors will get sceptical of investing in the crypto market because it seems most projects are designed to make only the initiator rich with any good plan on how investors can recoup their investment and profit.

The crypto market needs a serious regulations to instil trust in the industry.


@Acesontop, If we see in History then in my opinion there is no aspect which hold the solution for once for all, in my opinion the improvement will come in stages, and we will going to see both side of the coins no matter in which aspect because in this world we have different minds and all minds will not act in same way. So, we have to vigilant while selecting projects to avoid any potential scams, but for sure regulations can bring effectivity and growth because regulations can attract "Institutional Investors". Stay blessed. 🙂


I can't say yet. But I think if crypto scams and ponzi is being eradicated it will save some people exposure of their private details and waste of precious time.

The rate at which ponzi and crypto scams multiplied this year was enormous in that most people as well as myself got confused at a point not knowing which crypto platform to register for. That is the reason I had to stick to Bitcoin and Steem because I know they are licenced cryptocurrencies and I don't see them crashing anytime soon.

The rate at which I and my friends where being scammed in the name of crypto this year I would say is funny and alarming, because sometimes you just have to put in energy and refer so many people only to find out it is a scam. Most times we just laugh finding out we have been played.

I think some kind of licence or regulations should be given to any form of new ponzi or crypto platform in the year 2019 to avoid crypto investors and lovers wasting their precious data or having to risk their private keys to fraudsters.



But they could surely cut down the amount.