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Do you think that what Bitcoin really needs to start a new bull run is for the SEC to approve an ETF? Does an asset that can be bought almost all over the world, even from ATMs, need for an approval from an American Commission to increase in value again?

My answer is, I hope not.

There have been people out there saying that the way is being prepared for institutional money to come in. Because institutional money is highly regulated, I would guess that some form of regulatory law would have to be in place before that institutional money shows up. That, and as low as you can get prices on all crypto across the board.

Whether that can be done with a single ETF (for Bitcoin), or if it will require that all alt coins follow suit, I don't know, but that's how things are starting to shape up, it seems.

However, knowing that cryptocurrencies in general have been a means for many to get wealthy in fiat by pumping and dumping, who knows what is actually happening right now, other than a lot of money is being taken out of crypto for some purpose, which could be just another attempt to run it up again.

Personally, I'd like to get to a point where that's not longer so feasible. However, it's going to mean a whole lot of people buying into the idea of freedom and decentralization and trusting in those two principles, or else, we will end up with regulatory law from every country and then whether or not the blockchain is decentralized won't matter because the governance won't be.


An ETF is silly. EFTs are designed to spread risk across multiple securities. It's supposed to make it simple to buy a whole portfolio. A Bitcoin ETF is just a lazy way of buying Bitcoin. I think it is a much better idea to put it in ATMs to allow people to actually buy it directly. That's really one of the biggest hurdles, being that most people don't have any idea how to buy Bitcoin. 


IMHO, ETF will not be accepted in near time so it's less hope there. 

If you read from this link :


There is whales that plan to make FUD become bigger. I mean, they will sell a lot of BTC to make the price goes down more. Then, they will buy more with the cheapest price, and BOOM! the price will raise like crazy again. 

I am sure the bull run will be occured at the near time. January - February 2019.


The investors are the ones who are pushing it down. The SEC is just a cover to help bring the prices down so everyone ho missed out can buy in at dirt cheap prices. I don't know if it will be passed or not but I don't think they care as they are all in it to make a fortune.

Next year is huge for crypto and we will see massive gains starting from the 24 th January. I don't believe anything I read as it is pure lies and just a smoke screen. Once everyone figures out what is happening it will be way too late.