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Have you had any previous experience with blogging before joining Steemit?

I had 8 years of content writing experience before I joined steemit. When I joined steemit, it was kind of my world feeling. But gradually when I started writing, I realized that my writing skills were severely damaged because I took a break from writing. But steemit definitely gave me good opportunity to bring back my writing skills. Writing is one of my area of interest. The main reason is because when ever my mind is full of thoughts, I can sit and write them down in the form of articles. During my school days I remember writing diaries. I don't know why I left that habit but I'm really happy that I'm about to continue that habit today by writing at least something every day.  

I used to have personal blogs where I was writing on some random topics. I was also doing lots of freelance writing works. I used to get projects from some of my contacts and write articles for Ezine and other SEO based websites. Then I joined a website called Indiastudychannel. It used to be a quite popular site during my college days. I was managing one of the regional websites of IndiaStudyChannel. That is where I learnt a lot about SEO and keywords. The prime focus was to increase the Google Adsense revenue. I was given great freedom to experiment so many things when I was managing the site. It was an interesting experience. 

After this exposure, I joined my regular job and I was unable to give full focus on the website as webmaster. I moved on with my regular job which was no way connected to writing at all. That is where I gave a long gap to writing. Even though I was quite busy with my office works, I wanted to try out content writing again.  I spoke my old contacts after few years and managed to get some projects back. But just because I moved on to a different stream in my life, writing articles was really painful for me. I was continuously skipping deadlines. It was not at all a good sign. 

Later I found a client who was really flexible with the deadlines. The project was kind of like, if I write an article I get paid no compulsion. I can write how much ever I want and whenever I was. This type of flexibility was very interesting and that helped me bring back my speed. I worked for multiple clients and I used to deliver articles of different type. Medical article projects were one of my favourite. I once used to write more than 15 articles per day. Each article would pay me like 5 to 10 $ and within one year I managed to earn a lot. 

I completely invested my earnings on the internet back again to explore other opportunities. I started website designing projects as well. When my focus went towards website designing projects, I had to again take a break on content writing. Here comes the exciting part. After a long break I was looking for opportunities to start writing contents again. At the same time, there were lots of discussion going on about cryptocurrencies everywhere. I started exploring what cryptocurrency is all about. I slowly started to digest the basics and I was looking for a way to create cryptocurrencies in other ways without mining of investing. That is when I landed in steemit. The first month was really amazing. I did not focus on writing at all. The platform was very helpful for me to read and understand more information about cryptocurrencies. 

Then later after few months, I made up my mind that I should definitely write at least one article per day without any interruption. The effort is still continuing and I manage to write at least a minimum of one article per day. Recently I have even increased my contribution to more than 1 article per day. I really like my persistency and I recommend the same to others as well. Choosing a topic to write was quite challenging for me before few months. I was writing blogs in my wordpress website and publishing it in steemit. I still continue to do it but sometimes I don't get a good topic to write via my personal blog. But for the past few months after I joined @musing, my most of the contributions to the steem blockchain are through @musing only. Choosing a topic to write has become a lot easier now. I never expected I would give such a big answer for this question. Anyways it was good to write about my experience. 

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Yes! I have been through a lot of blogging platforms before settling to Steemit. I started way back in 2013 when I don't have the guts to write knowingly I don't even have such skill. I learned about a social blogging site which I am skeptical at first. However, it paved the way for me to enter the writing world.

I don't consider myself a professional or a good writer. In fact, I write decent blogs and no exceptional quality. But that didn't stop me. I only aimed to continually improve and not to become a professional one.

Meanwhile, here are the blogging platforms where I have been a part of.


This is the first blogging platform where I wrote for. I earned about $2,000 in less than a year. That's not bad if you are living in a third world country.


This website exists until now but you are allowed to post short blogs even three sentences. I only earned a few dollars, and I considered that's just an incentive, a reward, for socializing.

CGP Gallery

When Bubblews went downhill, this website existed and left paying only a few members. After few weeks in operation, it has shut down.


This is a website which has social media functions, and you can create your own blog sites connected to WordPress. You can earn points per post, and I managed to earn $120 per month. Migrating to another server caused issues with Adsense, which led to the stop of rewards. The owner is decent person for being fair with the members, so there is never a resentment.


I became part of this platform in 2014, but I stopped posting because earning takes so much time, or maybe I don't know the strategy to earn well. I am glad this website exists until now, and some of my Steemit friends earn well there.


This is the last blogging platform where I joined before Steemit. It has good reputation which started without giving rewards. They started giving rewards which lasted for several months until they ceased in giving rewards.


This is the hosting blog from Google, and I created my own blog site. However, I did not enrol in Google Adsense so I use it not to earn money.

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Yes, I have a ten year background when it comes to blogging and have been blogging in three different languages. 

It takes time for one to adjust, it's not easy to get used to formatting a text, got get your blog a background, a user friendly interface, not to mention the topics. Nowadays there are blogging platforms with a lots of templates you can choose from, but you can also build your own website out of templates you can modify with a bit of knowledge. it's not so hard, believe me, if I could do it, so can you. 

This is only the technical part. The biggest problem is to find a niche, to provide quality content, to build your own community. That's the biggest challenge. 

I've been part of various circles and I've seen quite a few people having trouble accepting reality. It was just like here, if someone's blog got neglected, a post had been published about how people don't care. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself! Complaining and being sarcastic would chase away readers for sure. I could tell you interesting stories.

Bottom line, you have to publish great and interesting content so people would come back for more. You also have to engage, waiting for users to visit your posts or blog, won't get you far. 

When I registered to Musing, I knew what I have to do very well, and the formatting, publishing was not a problem, I can type very fast with both hands. The content however and the language was a challenge. Not to mention the financial part, which was totally new to me. I was afraid I would fail but taking one step at a time got me here. 


I've had zero experience in the blogging field prior to Steemit, and although I can look at my first blog, and compare it to my recent blogs, seeing massive improvement, I'm not so sure it would make a difference on a centralized blogging platform. 

Sure, knowing a little markdown, and some tricks to make your blog look pretty are attractive features on Steemit, (or Steem frontends in general) but I am sure there are other aspects that the average Steemian like myself overlook because of the lack of importance on Steemit. 

Tags are one area that lack a great deal of consideration. (guilty as charged). It's rather easy to post a blog with one tag that you know will get exposure on Steem, and ignore the rest. I've literally posted tags like: [not][ giving] [two] [shits] [life]

Not a single tag matters in this case except for life.

Because we all know any post with a payout over a dollar will likely be seen with this tag, so it's easy to get lazy in this area. Now try that on a centralized blogging platform and let me know how it goes for you. 

This is only one example. There are many non professional writers here who are pretty good at communicating information, but their grammar is likely shittier than they think. I am more than sure I fall into this category. I like to believe I am a great writer, and context wise, I'm probably alright, but a professional writer might actually laugh at my writing abilities for all I know, and lets face it, I wouldn't know, because I started my blogging career in a place filled with "fake love". Yikes, that sounds harsh, well there is a bit of truth to that statement. People will tell you things you want to here when there is the potential for some reward. You simply won't find fake love in a centralized blogging environment. If your blog is messed up, your going to hear about it quickly. Here, you can get away with some things.

So yes, this is my first blogging experience, and I am sure I have gained some valuable tools for blogging along the way, but I would hardly call it a "complete tool bag".


Absolutely none. When I joined Steemit I had no idea what I was getting into and what it entailed.

I had no idea it would suck me in and use up all the time I had. I never used to enjoy writing and now it is second nature. The speed at which I type has increased due to the volume you write everyday,

It shows you that you can teach an old dog new tricks and we can all change.


Not that active blogger and I transformed in to a much skilled blogger as compared to what I was 2 years back, so you can say that through steemit I got nurtured as a blogger, I am not saying that I have professional qualities but I am sure that I am now much better in blogging than what I was before joining steemit, so thanks to steemit.

Further the moment I realized that steemit is a blogging community backed with a decentralized cryptocurrency, I got curious because that was the time I was much more interested in cryptocurrencies, so it made me curious and then I started my journey and later I invested a little sum in steemit in the form of steem power after realizing its fundamentals and after understanding its economy.

Steemit interface is really simple and quite professional, no pop-ups, no ads and that was the first impression it created upon me and I was always looking for this kind of interface. Normally the conventional blogging interface is packed with ads and pop-ups and that really undermines the primarily purpose of blogging that is why we needed a space where it will be exclusively blogging only and steemit provided me that platform and I am happy to be here and will continue forever.

Thank you and Have a great day.



No. Actually, I had not even used my Facebook account before I joined Steemit. Now I am using Facebook and Twiter to promote Steemit.

I have always liked to write, especially political pieces from a personal perspective. But, since the whole blogging fever started, I had a hard time identifying with the way people started using the social networks.

I felt Facebook and then Youtube, Twiter and Instagram banalized the potentials of the social networks (of course maybe I’m wrong and have a totally different vision of what can or should be done with these tools). In any case, I tried to remain away from all social networks since people were using it for triviality or just to spy on others’ private lives.

I entered Steemit for economic reasons and eventually I felt it provided the perfect venue for academic/intellectual purposes. Steemit allowed me to build a network with people with similar interests and the level of involvement, respect and passion for literature, arts, culture, etc has given me the incentives to try other things.

Currently I am planning to start posting videos either via Youtube or Dtube. Hopefully that will allow me to explore other forms of communication and get closer to those I follow as well as those who follow me. 

Even though Steemit is not profitable at the moment, it has become my way of using my free time productively and finding ways to self-explore what I want to accomplish in the following months. Hopefully, it will become profitable once more, which would make it the perfect network.


I'm really glad to find this question, and to be honest I have no experience at all. 

Steemit is the birthplace of my hopeful content creation or my blogging sideline. 

I've always been a fan of blogs since I never fancy to finish a book in a week. I prefer short but meaningful contents since I don't have that much patience for words. I easily loose interest on books.

My social media interaction were focused in photography, that's Instagram. That's basically it, no Tweeter and I have very less activity in Facebook either.

And so I took a challenge through an invite from a Steemian who happens to be a friend of my sister. My sister asked me to try this platform and hopefully earn some Steem tokens.

It didn't take long until I find myself being amazed by this platform and now I completed my first active posting & curation just a few days ago. So this is definitely my first blogging and I hope to improve on it :)

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I think no, before joining steemit i had no other experience that related to blogging because before joining steemit I have no interest with it. I was spent most of my time with making art, related to artwork. I make many sketches of persons. This is just my hobby that i made more artistic with my own creativity.

But I joined steemit I develop my interest in blogging, I found steemit is very interesting site where we can share our knowledge, thoughts and interesting ideas. I feel really glad to be a part of this community because I found a very amazing platform. I start blogging when I joined there. I am lucky to become a steemains.

Steemit is lucky for me and I am happy to being worked here. Anyone would love to spent time there. But steem rate is not well but we worked honestly and we just hope we will be successful there.