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Besides upvote rewards what's the biggest incentive for you to post on Steemit?

It has more to do with the community I engage with. I started out like any other user looking at the blockchain for some quick buck. I realized this was a lie after 3 days using the platform. I found a community that caters to my interests and went with it. Met some new friends, learned some new stuff, and months just passed doing things like this. 

I gained a lot of skills interacting with other artists on the platform because art is my niche. That help me more than the upvotes I get from random people. The sound art advice and real human interactions from the experts in the industry was worth more than short term rewards. 


Steem is one of those blockchains which has the real world application of the blockchain technology. There are very few real world applications of the blockchain and rewarding social media is one of them. There are many incentives of steemit

  • Visibility - Steemit is one of those platforms which rank among the top social media websites in the world and hence whatever you post here gets indexed in the search engines faster and you get a wider audience to your thoughts
  • Integration - The plugins like Steempress help the bloggers to post the content on the different platforms and generate the backlinks for the content. The backlinks help to drive traffic to the original source
  • SEO - It is one of the better used search engine optimization tool

In addition to this I become the witness to the devlopment of the various decentralised applications which are being built on the Steem Blockchain such as musing.io


Due to the fact that a content creator can earn rewards or incentives from this platform and I'm afraid that the majority is thinking of it as a "money making machine". 

That's only half the truth, I believe that the Steemit platform house a lot of outstanding people in their field: investors, writers, artists, musicians, and other professionals who are doing great in their field.

So, to be connected to these people is actually more rewarding than the monetary incentives that the platform offers. To build a network among these like minded individuals should be the main focus of each user here. I would say that the incentives is the just the tip of the iceberg and if we look deeper then we might unravel the full reward from it, the network itself :)


The Interaction & Connections. In  addition to rewards from Upvote, we can get various kinds of  interactions from new people, and that will add to your knowledge. Especially  when you are already familiar with them, then you can have various  connections with people of different countries, and this is a big  advantage.

For example: I have some closest friends from various countries such as the Philippines, Pakistan, India, etc. They are very good, and even when I am in trouble, they are always ready to help me. 


Networking and Making Relationships.


The biggest incentive for me to post on Steemit is my own satisfaction and making blogs are a nice way to keep memories.  I love eating and going to traveling . I wanted to make blogs about it and maybe in the future I can read my blogs and reminisce all the memories I have been making with my family friends and loved ones. I am enjoying in posting not because of the rewards . Just the thought of writing blogs makes me happy .


Hello @acesontop Usually I am only working on the steemhunt platform and I mostly post hunt via the steemhunt website and I received the big reward of $7 and that was hunt is on the top of ranking he gets the First Position on the steemhunt ranking and it was three months ago but, reward does not matter at all the relation, friendship, knowledge also depends on when you are working on steemit. These all depend on your reward and when we are working good the main advantage is of our knowledge, these works basically enhance our knowledge but we don't realize it, And The hunt which I was hunted is an autonomous electric car Names as 103 EX Rolls-Royce here is the gif which I had made at that time, 

I will mention both My high reward and the more  incentive   thing, 

And the descriptiion of this hunt is below 

 "This  is the world’s leading luxury brand, The Vision 360 CGI experience immerses the viewer in a journey from Goodwood. The chassis of this extravagance auto is a hand-manufactured, and it is produced using the most sumptuous, progressed, and most costly materials. Just look out the pictures of this car " 

These text is my own word you can check it on my hunt

These all are my words which I had been type when I had made this hunt, and the video here below will help you to understand this car more!  First time I was received  192 upvotes and 32 comments on My hunt, 


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